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For further information on how we treat your personal data submitted here, please consult our data protection declaration. For the best possible protection of your personal data, all data is transmitted encrypted using SSL technology.

Data privacy at Louis

To ensure the best possible protection for your personal details, all data are transmitted encrypted using SSL technology. Further information on data protection is available here.

Information on SSL

How are my order details protected from prying eyes and manipulation by third parties during transmission?

Your order data are transmitted to us using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This technique is currently regarded as secure and is also used by some banks for online banking.

How can I check that the data are actually transmitted encrypted?

When entering your personal details right-click on the order form and select "Properties" (Internet Explorer) or "View Page Info - Security" (Netscape/Mozilla) and view the information on encryption.

My browser (Internet Explorer) shows that only 40- or 56-bit encryption is used, and not 128-bit. What can I do?

Some older browsers do not support high encryption. Please install the latest version of your browser and/or install the updates from the browser manufacturer.