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Yamaha FZ6 – Louis Special Conversion

[HEADER - Yamaha FZ6]

Speed machine – Yamaha FZ6

Sportiness is an important aspect of the FZ6. After all, its compact four-cylinder engine is derived from its supersport sister, the R6. With seat cowl and belly pan, the slender 600 cc machine has the look of a big bike. The low-profile, elongated lines are accentuated by a race flag stripe across the tank and seat cowl.

[IMAGE - Yamaha FZ6]

Yamaha FZ6

Agile and lively, but also reliable and easy to maintain: the FZ6, built from 2004 to 2010, does fun on wheels and getting from A to B equally well.

[IMAGE - Yamaha FZ6]
[IMAGE - Yamaha FZ6]
[IMAGE - Yamaha FZ6]

Sporty in every detail

And now for the important details. Turn signals shaped like soup ladles have long been out of fashion! Compact Kellermann turn signals, on the other hand, look cooler on the FZ6, with its "insect's head" front end, than on almost any other motorcycle. Turn signal mount covers give a clean transition between light mount and turn signal stem. Important: for a correct flashing rate, a 7.5 ohm resistor must be installed in the right and left turn signal circuits. A wider superbike handlebar suits the style of the FZ6 better than the overly narrow factory handlebar, while LSL sport footrests take the place of the rubber-lined originals. Last but not least, if you want to get the most out of your braking system, then steel-braided brake lines really are a must.

[IMAGE - Yamaha FZ6]