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Kawasaki Z 1000 (2003–2006) – Louis Special Conversion

[HEADER - Kawasaki Z 1000 (2003–2006)]

Almost a legend in its own right – Kawasaki Z 1000

Just like the original Z 900 some 40 years ago, which instantly won so many bikers' hearts, this new "Z" unleashed similarly euphoric must-have feelings in the biking scene. In the meantime, the first generation of the new Z series has almost become a modern classic itself, as an inexpensive second-hand machine, but more especially as a superb basis for a customised conversion.

[IMAGE - Kawasaki Z 1000 (2003–2006)]

Kawasaki Z 1000

The fans had long waited for this: in 2003 Kawasaki at last produced another "Z". And it fulfilled every expectation.

[IMAGE - Kawasaki Z 1000 (2003–2006)]
[IMAGE - Kawasaki Z 1000 (2003–2006)]
[IMAGE - Kawasaki Z 1000 (2003–2006)]

Clear-cut colour concept and lots of details

A well balanced colour scheme is important for a clean look. A belly pan in the same colour as the bike adds an extra touch of style. Parts from Bodystyle need to be test-fitted before taking them to be painted. The visual focus of the Z is black – so to create a harmonious overall look, we have also sprayed the side frame cover and footrest wings black.

This styling gives the bike a very streamlined look, yet still offers lots of eye-catching highlights. Freed from the original turn signals, the design of the fairing can really be appreciated. E-approved bar-end turn signals from Kellermann provide a stylish and street-legal replacement.

[IMAGE - Kawasaki Z 1000 (2003–2006)]