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Review: 4.4 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Yoshimura

Product information

Exhaust systems - the motor sport legend from Japan

Like Louis, the company Yoshimura was originally founded as a small motorcycle repair business. That was in 1954. Since then, Yoshimura has developed into one of the world's leading suppliers of exhaust systems and tuning parts. Above all, the brand has their founder and ingenious tuner Hideo "Pop" Yoshimura to thank for its legend status. His successful involvement in motor sport drives the company forward to this day. And of course, the product development and performance of Yoshimura silencers and exhaust systems profit from this.

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  • Product information



    This product has been imported from Japan! The latest technology and continuous production monitoring are just two of the factors that ensure you are offered a top-quality product.

    Product information



    Stainless steel is a collective term for rustproof steel. It is much more resistant to corrosion than non-alloyed steels. Stainless steel does not deteriorate, and is hygienic, UV-resistant, non-corroding, fracture-proof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not weather and can be recycled in its entirety, even after many years. Technically, the term "stainless steel" refers to corrosion-resistant steel alloys with a wide variety of compositions but always containing a high percentage of chromium (usually a minimum of 10.5%)


    Stainless steel should be cleaned regularly like all other materials, especially after exposure to salty air (near the coast), and also at regular intervals.
    Water can easily collect in corners, edges and screw connections, resulting in corrosion. So careful cleaning is important, and if necessary screws should be undone in order to clean the parts thoroughly.
    Do not leave rusty steel parts against stainless steel to avoid the rust "contamination".

    Product information



    Modern vehicle accessories of different types now frequently carry an "E" approval mark valid throughout Europe. This "E" mark, which is made up of a combination of letters and numbers, is clearly displayed on the product and shows the application tested, the country in which testing was carried out and, where appropriate, the vehicle type to which approval applies. EC type approvals for exhaust systems, for example, are always issued for a specific vehicle type, whereas in the case of lighting, they apply to an entire group of vehicles, e.g. motorcycles.
    This certification mark is the sole proof of legality stipulated by law, i.e. no written report or entry in the vehicle documents by a TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) test centre is required. However, when it comes to installing accessories, the relevant guidelines of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StvZO) must always be observed.
    At a roadside check or a TÜV vehicle inspection, the registered keeper is only required to show the "E" mark. It is then up to the official in charge whether to check the mark with the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg (or equivalent type approval authority in other countries), which is able to decode all certification marks.


    Yoshimura - one of the world's most respected names for exhaust systems, rear silencers and tuning parts for the race track. Experts and aficionados are constantly in raptures at the innovations, quality and incredible performance of these products from Japan. That's certainly true for the Yoshimura R-77 Slip-on Rear Silencer.

    Extremely elegant and stylish, the R-77 is made of high-grade stainless steel - and it's right up there with the very best. The delightfully husky sound is incomparable, and the performance unique.

    This "Made in Japan" rear silencer comes in a classic look. It's packed full of technical know-how, reflecting Yoshimura's many years of experience. Perfection down to the tiniest detail.

    • EU type approval; no entry required in the vehicle papers
    • More power, more sound, more fascination


    • Stainless-steel body, polished or with carbon look
    • End cap: Carbon

    Good to know: If your original catalytic converter has to be removed, a suitable replacement is included with the silencer.

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