Vanucci RVX-Light Base Layer Shirt

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The premium brand from Louis

The Vanucci name is synonymous with premium motorbike clothing for sports and touring bikers who value the highest quality. The collection includes everything from enduro suits for travelling round the world and sporty leather suits for speedy laps of the race course, through to neck warmers and touring boots. Whether you prefer leather or textile, every Vanucci garment offers high-quality materials and high-tech features, such as Sympatex and Outlast, combined with distinctive Italian styling plus all the experience and passion of designer Enrico Vanucci. The same applies to the intelligently designed and sturdy Vanucci luggage systems.

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  • Product information

    Vanucci RVX-Light Base Layer Shirt

    The first-generation Vanucci RVX-Light base layer garments were designed with the focus on lightness, feeling good, and a perfect fit. After all, on a warm, sunny day that's perfect for biking, you don't want to end up riding around in a sweaty set of leathers. The latest Vanucci *RVX-Light* ladies' long-sleeved shirt, for example, is the ideal base layer for the summer - in combination with *RVX-Light* ladies' pants.

    All the RVX-Light base layers have a smooth finish, which makes it so much easier to slip on your motorcycle jacket and trousers - even with tight-fitting leather gear! This also ensures that the lining will not stick to you as you ride your bike.
    Another advantage of these base layer garments is that they take up no space at all. So they're ideal for touring, when you need a change of clothing but want to keep your luggage to a miniumum.
    When you reach the destination for your overnight stay, simply wash them out and they're soon dry again.

    For summer bike tours, Vanucci RVX-Light base layers are a must!


    • Very lightweight and soft
    • Smooth finish makes it easy to slip on close-fitting garments
    • Fold up super-small - ideal for touring
    • Quick-drying
    • Comfortable feel
    • Breathable
    • High elasticity
    • Fit like a second skin, but without constricting


    • Main fabric: 68% polyamide, 24% polyester, 8% elastane
    • Mesh panels: 92% polyester, 8% elastane

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