Sena 30K dual pack DOUBLE SET, HD-Speaker

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Sena 30K dual pack DOUBLE SET, HD-Speaker

Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset (dual set with removable wired and boom microphone)

The new Adaptive Mesh Networking technology from Sena makes group intercom connection effortlessly simple, and if a rider falls out of range, the Sena 30K ensures seamless communication with the rest of your group. At the same time, the Sena 30K automatically re-integrates all riders back into the group as soon as they are in range again. With this dynamic group structure, complicated pairing attempts are a thing of the past.

Adaptive Mesh Networking from Sena is a pioneering technology that works in combination with Bluetooth, which means that the 30K offers more connections than ever before. It features an innovative dual antenna and two separate processors, one for Bluetooth and one for the Adaptive Mesh Networking. The new multi-operation feature enables the 30K to connect to each processor simultaneously. This means that you can connect up to 3 additional communication devices to your Sena 30K headset via Bluetooth 4.1 and then integrate them simultaneously into an existing Mesh Networking group.

You can communicate with up to 15 other riders over a maximum range of 2 km, reliably and with crystal-clear HD audio quality. The 30K also enables selective group management so that you can divide the users into groups and distinguish them accordingly. In addition to these private groups, at the press of a button you can search for other motorcycle riders within a 2-km radius who are also using a Sena 30K, and you will be automatically connected to them.

Sena 30K Audio Multitasking technology enables you to have a conversation via Adaptive Mesh Networking while simultaneously performing Bluetooth operations such as streaming music from your smartphone, making/taking phone calls or listening to turn-by-turn GPS navigation directions. No longer do users have to put up with the annoyance of interruption-based audio functions of past Bluetooth communication devices. Now audio functions will not interrupt each other, but simply overlay for a smooth listening experience. Amp up your ride with seamless audio sources.

The Sena Smartphone app allows you to configure the device settings (e.g. by entering a group of biker friends for the hands-free intercom) and to take a look in the quick-start guide. Simply pair your smartphone with your 30K headset and run the Sena Smartphone App. You can then enter the settings direct from your smartphone.

The 30K supports Bluetooth audio recordings for the Sena Bluetooth audio package for GoPro and the Sena Prism Bluetooth action camera. In this way, several people can give their spoken commentaries, and the conversations via intercom are reproduced in HD quality on the video footage.The new quick charge feature with the 30K gives you around 4 hours of operating time for just 15 minutes of charging. On the road, the 30K can be controlled entirely via voice commands. Intuitive technology ensures safe, controlled riding as you seamlessly move through music, phone and intercom features.

Universal attachment with clamping and/or adhesive mount plus the replaceable wired and boom microphone ensure that the 30K can be used with virtually any helmet, whether jet (open-face), flip-up or full-face. The Sena 30K is compatible with the optional Handlebar Remote Control from Sena and all 20S clamp accessories.


Intercom connection (requires at least two SENA 30K units):

  • Communication via Adaptive Mesh Networking technology for up to 16 riders with a max. range of 2000 m
  • Simultaneous communication via Bluetooth 4.1 with up to 3 other riders with a max. range of 1600 m
  • Group management - dividing intercom partners into groups - separate group communication is possible
  • Rider-to-pillion intercom
  • Intercom communication with headsets from other makers (limited communication options; the Sena Headset is paired as a mobile phone)

Mobile phone connection:

  • Voice-activated call answer and reject (Vox technology) - so you never need to take your hands off the handlebar
  • Voice-activated call function and dialling (mobile phone must support voice activation)
  • Telephone conference with an intercom partner is also possible
  • Facility for simultaneous connection to two mobile phones

GPS sat nav connection

  • Connection to compatible Bluetooth GPS sat navs (requires Bluetooth headset profile) for listening to navigation directions (e.g. Garmin zumo, TomTom Rider)

Other features:

  • Unique dual-module architecture with Audio Multitasking technology - Intercom conversations, MP3 music or GPS sat nav instructions simultaneously without interruptions or disconnection
  • Enhanced HD audio voice transmission
  • Full duplex connection: simultaneous two-way intercom/mesh networking communication
  • VOX function for hands-free intercom and telephone calls
  • A2DP Bluetooth Stereo protocol for wireless hi-fi stereo connection to A2DP-compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
  • AVRCP function - for remote control of music playback (Play, Pause, Track forward, Track back) with compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
  • NFC support for even faster connection with compatible smartphones
  • Individual volume adjustment for each audio source
  • Noise-cancelling and echo-reducing digital signal processor
  • Jack socket for connecting an MP3 player by cable
  • Rider and pillion passenger can receive the same audio sound track (e.g. from MP3 player) via A2DP
  • Menu status announcements and voice control for optimal menu guidance
  • Smartphone app (Android and iOS) for controlling and configuring the SENA 30K headset
  • Software update via USB port (requirement: PC with Windows XP, 7 or 8 or Mac OS)
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant
  • Bluetooth talk time: 13 hours
  • Mesh intercom talk time: 8 hours
  • Standby time: up to 10 days


  • 2 Sena 30K control units
  • 2 clamp mounts with removable wired and boom microphone; d-boom mic and stereo speakers
  • 2 adhesive pad mounts (alternative to clamp mount)
  • 2 USB cables
  • 2 stereo connecting cables (with jack plug)
  • 4 hook-and-loop stickers for attaching the speakers in the helmet
  • 2 hex keys
  • 2 user manuals

Good to know:
The Sena WiFi Docking Station(Art.No.: 10013383) is the perfect guardian for your Sena at home.
Simply connect the Sena to the station and the device will be charged and kept up-to-date.
Always up to date and charged for the next tour!


Product details

  • Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Maximum range between 2 devices: 2.000 meter
  • Intercom conferencing (Mesh): Up to 15 users
  • Intercom conferencing (Bluetooth): Up to 4 users
  • Intercom toggling mode (Bluetooth): Up to 4 users
  • Smartphone app for easy operation: iOS and Android
  • Microphone types: Cable- and hybrid-boom microphone
  • User interface: Jog Dial + 2 buttons
  • Mounting: Helmet mounting via adhesive pad- or clamp mount
  • Maximum standby time: 10 days
  • Maximum talk time: 13 hours
  • Weather protection: splashwater proof
  • Special Features: HD speaker

Overview of product features

  • Sat nav connectivity
  • Mobile Phone Connectivity
  • Mesh Intercom technology
  • Driver to passenger intercom
  • Bike-to-bike intercom
  • Full-Duplex (intercom)
  • Stereo sound (A2DP)
  • Remote control is possible (AVRCP)
  • Optional handlebar remote control
  • MP3-Connectivity (via cable)
  • MP3-Connectivity (wireless via A2DP)
  • Spoke status announcements
  • Voice controlled intercom connection (VOX)
  • Voice controlled phonecall acceptance/denial
  • Changeable speakers via 3.5mm jack plug
  • Software Updates
  • Use while charging
  • Universal intercom with different brands
  • Audio Multitasking
  • NFC compatible
  • Connection with two mobile phones
  • Music sharing with passenger
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