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Sena 20S Single Pack

Review: 3.52 out of 5


Manufacturer details: SENA

Product information

SENA - Bluetooth Innovator in the Motorcycle and Outdoor Activities

SENA has been developing and producing wireless Bluetooth communication systems for industry since 1998. As the company boss is a biker himself and was dissatisfied with the Bluetooth headsets from other manufacturers, Sena also began producing communication solutions for bikers in 2010. The devices developed from practical experience are already well established on the US market and have won numerous independent comparative tests, not least because they are extremely simple and intuitive to use. Even when wearing motorbike gloves, it's easy to find the ingenious JogDial/push button at full speed instead of having to search for lots of different buttons. We are pleased that we are now also able to offer sophisticated Sena communication systems in Germany.


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  • Product information



    Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short and medium distances.

    Product information



    If you're looking to equip your new helmet with a new communication and entertainment system, why not let us carry out the installation for you professionally before we ship the helmet to you. This will save you time, and the system is ready to use immediately. Simply add this service (Order no. 10000130) to your shopping basket when you place your order.

    You will find a list of all the communication systems that are compatible with your helmet under "Features" on the relevant helmet page.

    For just EUR 19.99 per helmet, our experts will be pleased to provide this service.

    Sena 20S Single Pack

    Sena 20S - Bluetooth Headset
    (individual unit with removable wired and boom microphone)

    The 20S is the ultra-modern Bluetooth communication system for bikers from Sena. It is the only headset of its kind to offer the unique dual-module architecture from Sena. The state-of-the-art technology combines higher capacity and faster speed, enabling you to easily run several applications in parallel.

    The Sena 20S Audio Multitasking technology allows you to have a conversation via the hands-free intercom at the same time as listening to music or radio or while using your GPS sat nav. At last, annoying interruptions to audio functions, familiar from earlier Bluetooth devices, are a thing of the past. Now you can enjoy a superior audio experience because the audio functions are simply overlaid instead of being interrupted. So your journey is enhanced by seamless blending of the audio sources!

    You can communicate with up to seven other riders over a range of up to 2 km, reliably and with crystal-clear HD audio quality. The 20S also enables group management so that you can divide the users into groups and distinguish them accordingly.

    The Sena Smartphone App allows you to configure the device settings (e.g. by entering a group of biker friends for the hands-free intercom) and to take a look in the quick-start guide. Simply pair your mobile phone with your 20S headset and execute the Sena Smartphone App. You can then enter the settings direct from your smartphone.

    The 20S supports Bluetooth audio recordings for the Sena Bluetooth audio package for GoPro and the Sena Prism Bluetooth action camera. In this way, two or more people can give their spoken commentaries, and these are reproduced in HD quality via hands-free intercom.

    The Sena 20S delivers HD-quality sound, which is clear, precise and pleasant to listen to in every situation. The integrated audio booster offers optimal sound quality, even in loud surroundings, and you can enjoy enhanced sound at all levels thanks to the advanced sound technology. A dual microphone is also available. One microphone is mounted inside the helmet for the hands-free intercom, while the second mike is for the clamping unit, enabling you to hear surrounding sounds without having to remove your helmet. The dual microphone provides a useful extra function for the rider and enhances the riding experience.

    The movement sensor technology from Sena means that installing, setting and pairing up your 20S could not be easier. To connect your Bluetooth devices, you simply give the 20S a shake. As soon as you're on the move, the 20S is controlled entirely via hands-free voice commands.

    Universal attachment with clamping and/or adhesive mount plus the replaceable wired and boom microphone mean the S20 can be used with virtually any helmet, whether jet (open-face), flip-up or full-face.


    Intercom connection (requires at least two SENA S20 units):

    • Bike-to-bike intercom for up to 8 bikers in conference with a max. range of 2000 m
    • Group management - dividing intercom partners into groups - separate group communication is possible
    • Rider-to-pillion intercom

    Mobile phone connection:

    • Voice-activated call answer and reject (Vox technology) - so you never need to take your hands off the handlebar
    • Voice-activated call function and dialling (mobile phone must support voice activation)
    • Telephone conference with an intercom partner is also possible
    • Facility for simultaneous connection to two mobile phones

    Sat nav connection:

    • Connection to compatible Bluetooth GPS sat navs (requires Bluetooth headset profile) for listening to navigation directions (e.g. Garmin zumo, TomTom Rider)

    Other features:

    • Unique dual-module architecture with Audio Multitasking technology - Intercom conversations and radio/MP3 music or GPS sat nav instructions simultaneously without interruptions or disconnection
    • Enhanced HD audio voice transmission
    • Full duplex connection: simultaneous communication in both directions via intercom connection
    • VOX function for hands-free intercom and telephone calls
    • A2DP Bluetooth Stereo protocol for wireless hi-fi stereo connection to A2DP-compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
    • AVRCP function - for remote control of music playback (Play, Pause, Track forward, Track back) with compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
    • NFC support for even faster connection with compatible smartphones
    • Individual volume adjustment for each audio source
    • Noise-cancelling and echo-reducing digital signal processor
    • Integrated RDS FM radio with 10 memory locations
    • Jack socket for connecting an MP3 player by cable
    • Rider and pillion passenger can receive the same audio sound track (e.g. from MP3 player) via A2DP
    • Menu status announcements and voice control for optimal menu guidance
    • Automatic volume adjustment according to speed of travel and background noise
    • Integrated movement sensor - pairing performed by shaking the 20S module
    • Smartphone App (Android and iOS) for controlling and configuring the SENA 20S headset
    • Software update via USB port (requirement: PC with Windows XP, 7 or 8 or Mac OS)
    • Sturdy and weather-resistant
    • Talk time: 13 hours
    • Standby time: up to 10 days
    • Device can still be used while it is charging


    • Sena 20S - control unit
    • Clamp mount with removable wired and boom microphone; d-boom mike and stereo speakers
    • Adhesive pad mount (alternative to clamp mount)
    • USB cable
    • Stereo connecting cable (with jack plug)
    • 2 x hook-and-loop stickers for attaching the speakers in the helmet
    • Hex key
    • Instructions for Use
  • Sena 20S Single Pack

    Sena 20S Single Pack

    compare compare Compare product
    Product details
    Bluetooth specification Bluetooth 4.1
    Maximum range between 2 devices 2.000 meter
    Intercom conferencing (DMC) No function
    Intercom conferencing (Bluetooth) Up to 8 users
    Intercom toggling mode (Bluetooth) Up to 9 users
    Smartphone app for easy operation iOS and Android
    Microphone types Cable-, boom- and hybrid-boom microphone
    User interface Jog Dial + 1 button
    Mounting Helmet mounting via adhesive pad- or clamp mount
    Maximum standby time 10 days
    Maximum talk time 13 hours
    Weather protection splashwater proof
    Special Features -
    Overview of product features
    Sat nav connectivity checkmark
    Mobile Phone Connectivity checkmark
    DMC Intercom technology
    Driver to passenger intercom checkmark
    Bike-to-bike intercom checkmark
    Full-Duplex (intercom) checkmark
    Hands-Free Profile (HFP) checkmark
    Headset Profile checkmark
    Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) checkmark
    Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) checkmark
    RDS radio checkmark
    MP3-Connectivity (via cable) checkmark
    MP3-Connectivity (wireless via A2DP) checkmark
    Voice Commands checkmark
    Spoke status announcements checkmark
    Voice controlled (VOX) intercom connection checkmark
    Voice controlled phonecall acceptance/denial checkmark
    Automatic volume adjustement checkmark
    Changeable speakers via 3.5mm jack plug
    Included handlebar remote control
    Optional handlebar remote control checkmark
    Software Updates checkmark
    Use while charging checkmark
    Universal intercom with different brands checkmark
    Audio Multitasking checkmark
    NFC compatible checkmark
    Connection with two mobile phones checkmark
    Music sharing with passenger checkmark
  • MOTORRADFAHRER Issue 5-2016

    "Motorradfahrer" magazine tested nine headsets in its 5-2016 issue. The Sena 20S (along with two other headsets) was awarded a MOTORRADFAHRER RECOMMENDATION. The following features were given special mention:

    - Very good speech and sound quality
    - Very user-friendly
    - Easy to install
    - Simple mobile phone and GPS sat nav pairing
    - Packed with features

    TOURENFAHRER Issue 3-2016

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