Saito Brake-Pads Organic With ABE
Different Models

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Maintaining your motorcycle can actually be fun!

OEM spare parts? All well and good, but usually very expensive. The Japanese brand saito offers some highly attractive alternatives for wearing parts and accessories. How does that work? High-quality products are purchased from leading manufacturers around the world at the best possible terms and offered at low-cost prices under the brand name saito. Our customers benefit from this. Quality at a bargain price, because fun does not have to cost a fortune.

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Order no. 10044282

YAMAHA YBR 125 (RE05/RE06)
[BJ. -06 / FRONT]


This is a product from another manufacturer made exclusively for Louis.

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    Professional technical expertise is essential to fit this article. We therefore urge you to have it installed by a motorcycle workshop!

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    German type approval ("ABE)" allows the relevant accessory to be used on the vehicle models listed in the test report. Here it is the type abbreviation and not the maker's designation that is important for identifying the vehicle. The test report must be carried when riding in case it needs to be presented at a road-side check or vehicle safety inspection.
    Accessories with type approval do not have to be registered in the vehicle documents! Those who do not want to carry the test report with them all the time can (for example) arrange to have the product registered by the Technical Inspection Association (subject to a charge).
    If the accessory is to be used on a vehicle that is not listed in the type approval, an individual component approval is required. Although ABE type approval confirms the proper installation and safety of the product, it is the inspector who has to decide according to his technical expertise whether it is suitable for use on the vehicle.

    An electric scooter with "ABE" approval has a type approval for Germany stating that the relevant vehicle satisfies all the relevant requirements of the eKFV (Small Electric Vehicle Ordinance in Germany) for the approval. In addition, insurance of the electric scooter is compulsory and use on pavements is forbidden. It can only be ridden on cycle paths and on the road (if a cycle path is not available). The minimum age for riding an electric scooter is 14 years. Although a driving license and helmet are not mandatory, they are highly recommended. An electric scooter must always be ridden solo.

    Product information




    Saito Brake-Pads Organic With ABE
    Different Models

    Soon or later it's time to replace the brake pads on your motorbike. So if you want to save yourself some money without compromising on performance, we have the perfect solution: organic brake pads in OEM quality from saito!

    These brand-quality saito brake pads are made by a well-known manufacturer exclusively for Louis.

    • With type approval for Germany (KBA (German Motor Transport Authority) number on the back of the brake pad)
    • Extremely durable
    • Outstanding wet braking
    • Metal/ceramic components reduce heat build-up in the hydraulics
    • The exact dimensions of the brake pads are given in the "Documents" section.

    The price is stated per set for one brake disc.

    Be sure to watch the Louis Video *How to change brake pads*. Our tips and tricks make it a very simple job!


    Follow the safety instructions printed on the packaging and the motorcycle manufacturer's specifications. Avoid sharp braking for a few miles until the new brake pads have bedded in. This will prevent vitrification of the pads. Installing incompatible brake pads may cause serious damage to your motorcycle. You should have your new brake pads installed by a professional if you do not have the necessary knowledge for the job.

    To prevent your new brake pads from squealing, you should apply a thin coat of copper paste (e.g. from Procycle) to the metal back surface, and if necessary the edges and also the cleaned holding pins of organic brake pads. Always make sure that no paste comes into contact with the pad(s)! A more effective and cleaner alternative to copper or ceramic paste is anti-squeal film (Order no. 10004371), which you simply stick to the reverse of the brake pad. It is suitable for braking systems with or without ABS and for both sintered and organic pads.