Puig Mini Screen
With Mounting Kit

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Motorbike windshields and styling parts

Exactly 50 years ago the Puig company was founded not far from Barcelona. With the most modern development and production techniques, high-grade products for the automotive and motorcycle sector are still made on the 8,000 m2 site today. The best racers in the world choose Puig shields. The fairing windshields for production bikes draw directly from the experience and developments in MotoGP racing. The range of products also includes high-quality rear huggers, belly pans and crash bars. Of course, all items are supplied with type approval and installation instructions.

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    German type approval ("ABE)" allows the relevant accessory to be used on the vehicle models listed in the test report. Here it is the type abbreviation and not the maker's designation that is important for identifying the vehicle. The test report must be carried when riding in case it needs to be presented at a road-side check or vehicle safety inspection.
    Accessories with type approval do not have to be registered in the vehicle documents! Those who do not want to carry the test report with them all the time can (for example) arrange to have the product registered by the Technical Inspection Association (subject to a charge).
    If the accessory is to be used on a vehicle that is not listed in the type approval, an individual component approval is required. Although ABE type approval confirms the proper installation and safety of the product, it is the inspector who has to decide according to his technical expertise whether it is suitable for use on the vehicle.

    An electric scooter with "ABE" approval has a type approval for Germany stating that the relevant vehicle satisfies all the relevant requirements of the eKFV (Small Electric Vehicle Ordinance in Germany) for the approval. In addition, insurance of the electric scooter is compulsory and use on pavements is forbidden. It can only be ridden on cycle paths and on the road (if a cycle path is not available). The minimum age for riding an electric scooter is 14 years. Although a driving license and helmet are not mandatory, they are highly recommended. An electric scooter must always be ridden solo.

    Product information Product information

    Puig Mini Screen
    With Mounting Kit

    The softly flowing lines of this small, sporty cockpit windshield (CS1) blend harmoniously with the overall look of your motorcycle. At the same time, it offers an amazing degree of wind protection. It's fantastic how effectively the *Puig* Mini-Windshield relieves the pressure on your upper body when you open the throttle.

    The *Puig* is available lightly tinted in black or blue. It is installed by securing it to the lamp holder.
    Four-point attachment on the shield, and four-point attachment on the headlight holder

    Available lightly tinted in black or blue.

    • Universal Holder Set included
    • Weight: 500 g
    • Installation instructions included
    • Dimensions: H=275 mm (above light cut-out), W=320 mm

    For all the listed motorcycles, Mini-Windshields from Puig are type-approved for Germany, so no entry is required in the vehicle papers.

    If you're ordering from outside Germany, please note:
    Before ordering, you should check the legal regulations that apply in your country for using such a handlebar fairing on your vehicle.


    Verdict: The strengths of the PUIG shield are without doubt its extremely economical price, for which the buyer gets very reasonable wind and ear protection coupled with perfect visibility for its size.