Procycle Engine Oil 10W-40
Semi-Synthetic, 4T

Review: 4.55 out of 5


Manufacturer details: PROCYCLE

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Engine, transmission and fork oils, additives, cleaning and care products: At PROCYCLE, you'll find everything your motorbike needs for a long service life. And whether youre purchasing lubricants or any of our other products, you can be sure of one thing: We exclusively sell high-quality ingredients from renowned German branded manufacturers. But how can PROCYCLE offer its products at such sensationally low prices, you ask? It's simple, really: At PROCYCLE we consistently refrain from using expensive sponsoring and advertising campaigns, and instead rely on the recommendation of well-known trade magazines and satisfied customers.

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Baseprice: 1 Liter = 7.991 from 7.991

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Important information on returning used oil

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    The product offered here is a pure performance oil!!! This means that it has come directly from the refinery and has not been reconditioned from used oil.
    What you get from LOUIS is top-quality branded products.

    Product information




    By purchasing this item you have chosen a premium-quality product with superior German workmanship. This internationally acknowledged mark of quality means that this product is the result of efficiently coordinated development and production processes, technological expertise, continuous quality controls.

    Procycle Engine Oil 10W-40
    Semi-Synthetic, 4T

    Procycle 10W-40 Engine Oil, with API SN (exceeds API SC to SM) and JASO T 903:2016 MA2 specifications, is a fuel-efficient multigrade oil formulated with semi-synthetic base oils. It is ideal for all-season use.


    • API SN (exceeds API SC to SM), JASO T 903:2016 MA2
    • Optimal frictional properties; prevents clutch slip
    • Very good protection against residue build-up, wear and corrosion
    • Excellent cold-start properties; greater fuel efficiency

    Available in 1 l and 4 l canisters.

    Good to know:
    The 4-litre canister has an integrated funnel for easy and clean filling.

  • MOTORRAD Issue 15-2013

    "Motorrad" magazine tested twelve engine oils in its 15-2013 issue. Procycle SAE 10W-40 was rated "VERY GOOD". The following features were given special mention:

    - Modern additive formulation
    - Low SAPS (sulphated ash)
    - Good value for money

    (Nine out of twelve oils tested were rated "Very Good")

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