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Probiker Silk Underneath Gloves

Review: 3.62 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Probiker

Product information

Meets your needs!

Clothing from Probiker meets every motorcycle rider's needs perfectly. The wide range appeals equally to the sporty biker and those who prefer leisurely touring. The Probiker brand comprises jackets and trousers, boots and gloves, kidney belts, helmets and accessories - including special ladies' and children's sizes. The characteristic features of Probiker styling are clean, dynamic lines and a modern, high-class look. Every item in the Probiker clothing range is perfectly coordinated, enabling you to choose many different combinations. What all the products have in common is carefully designed functional details and a high standard of safety. At the same time, Probiker always offers excellent value for money.

Catalogue page: 275


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  • Probiker Silk Underneath Gloves

    Probiker delivers just about the perfect underglove and, believe it or not, they are made of pure silk! There are several good reasons for this. Silk is a natural fabric, thin, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable against the skin. Silk also offers unique thermal insulation. The fabric has a cool feel, yet keeps your hands snug and warm at the same time.

    That's because the air between your hands and the fabric cannot escape so easily, thus creating an insulating layer. Another advantage is that silk can absorb a lot of moisture from the skin without feeling damp. These properties make the silk undergloves from Probiker
    an excellent choice for anyone who tends to get cold, moist hands and needs a very thin alternative to a glove lining.


    • Very thin fabric (100% silk)
    • Soft, supple textile cuff (100% polyester)

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