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Oil Filter Wrench

Review: 2.97 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Louis

Product information

It all began with a small motorcycle workshop in Hamburg. Since then, Louis has become Europe's largest motorcycle and leisure retailer. And even now, after more than three quarters of a century, we at Louis are no less passionate about life on two wheels.

Catalogue page: 495
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  • Oil Filter Wrench

    Once a year, the time to give your motorcycle its big clean comes around. And that includes draining off the dirty old oil and filling up with new. Of course, the oil filter must be changed at the same time. The usual rule applies: Doing the job yourself can save you a whole lot of money. Here at Louis you will find a special oil filter wrench that also works for your motorcycle.

    Perfect for removing cartridge-type oil filters quickly and easily. Sturdy metal construction. Choice of versions with 3/8" or 1/2" drive for ratchet/torque wrench, or external hex for 27 mm box end/open wrench.

    Important: Please note that you should always tighten the new oil filter following the instructions/torques given in the owner's manual for your vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer's specifications must be adhered to!

    The oil filter wrench recommendations are based on the oil filters from makers that we are able to establish as being used for a particular vehicle. We cannot specify whether the wrench recommended will also fit oil filters from other manufacturers.

    You will find a list showing which wrench is suitable for which filter under "Documents".

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