ODYSSEY Hawker Batteries
Pure Lead 12V

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PC310 12V/8AH SAE 100A

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    Made in USA

    Product information



    Made in the United Kingdom

    ODYSSEY Hawker Batteries
    Pure Lead 12V

    We present the ultimate power battery - clearly superior to most conventional vehicle batteries in many important respects!

    Maintenance-free, permanently sealed ODYSSEY Hawker pure lead batteries are ideal for demanding users because they offer significantly higher cranking power combined with extremely low self-discharge. They're also more resistant to vibrations/impacts and more compact than standard acid or AGM batteries. Little wonder that these batteries are so popular for customising and tuning when it comes to saving space while supplying plenty of cranking power for high-compression or large displacement engines. Both for sports biking and extreme touring, they are a great choice because of their robustness and excellent cold-start performance. Bikers who do fewer miles will also love the fact that these batteries do not need to be permanently hooked up to a charger when your machine is off the road for a prolonged period. Unlike conventional batteries, which need recharging every 6 to 12 weeks, a fully charged ODYSSEY can be stored for two years (at 25°C). Simply top up and the ODYSSEY Hawker will deliver its full power again. At lower temperatures, the storage time is longer. Procharger and CTEK chargers are suitable for charging Hawker batteries.

    Additional benefits:

    • Double to three times the cranking power of a conventional battery.
    • No topping up with distilled water required throughout the entire life of the battery
    • At -40°C it still delivers 50% cranking power
    • High shock and vibration resistance
    • Can be installed and operated in any position except with the terminals facing downwards. No electrolyte (battery acid) can escape
    • Very long service life
    • Very large number of charging cycles are possible
    • incl. Battery terminal bolts made of V4A stainless steel

    As Hawker batteries are smaller than some conventional batteries, they may leave a gap in your battery compartment, which can be filled with our special lining foam, for example (see "Compatible products"). Please check our dimensioned diagrams, which also show the position of the battery terminals. Of course, a Hawker battery is also ideal for conversions and custom bikes with a modified battery compartment!

    Dimensions in mm (length x width x height):

    Odyssey Hawker PC545: 178 x 86 x 131
    Odyssey Hawker PC680: 185 x 79 x 169
    Odyssey Hawker PC535: 170 x 99 x 157
    Odyssey Hawker PC310: 138 x 86 x 101
    Odyssey Hawker PC625 : 167 x 98 x 175

    Good to know:
    Odyssey batteries have a very low level of self-discharge. This means that the manufacturer is able to produce, store and ship them in larger quantities. Storage times of up to 2 years are no problem at all. In contrast with conventional batteries, an Odyssey can still be charged to its full capacity after two years in storage and will still give you the same performance as when it first left the factory.

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