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MOTO 112+ Seatpad
Different Sizes

Review: 3.64 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Moto112+

Product information

By Louis

The Moto112+ label specialises in safety, health and medical products for bikers. Whether you're looking for standard compliant high visibility vests, DIN approved dressing material or kidney belts with a special pad against back pain, Moto112+ products are always tailor-made for the respective motorbike applications and comply with valid legal requirements and regulations.

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  • Product information




    By purchasing this item you have chosen a premium-quality product with superior German workmanship. This internationally acknowledged mark of quality means that this product is the result of efficiently coordinated development and production processes, technological expertise, continuous quality controls.

    Product information




    MOTO 112+ Seatpad
    Different Sizes

    This highly effective gel material, which was originally developed for the medical applications, ensures your body weight is distributed evenly over the entire seat. It counteracts spot pressure on the bones in your pelvis. At last, no more circulation problems or numbness in your legs - especially on long trips. This gel seat pad absorbs vibrations and impacts, thus taking the stress off your joints, back and spine. Fits almost all seats.

    • No loss of contact with the motorcycle, as the gel cushion is only 12 mm thick
    • Cushion adheres securely to the seat thanks to rubber surface and integrated fixing bands
    • Waterproof and machine-washable up to 60°C
    • Material: neoprene and polyurethane gel

    Gel seat pad, size L

    • Suitable for rider's seats on sports and enduro bikes and also for most pillion seats.
    • Dimensions (WxLxH): approx. 24x28x1.2 cm
    • Weight: approx. 378g

    Gel seat pad, size XL

    • Suitable for short, wide seats, e.g. on touring bikes, cruisers and choppers
    • Dimensions (WxLxH): approx.34x29x1.2 cm
    • Weight: approx. 473 g

    Important tip: Only for black seat pads suitable. When applying solvent-based care products may cause discoloration

  • MOTORRADFAHRER Issue 07-2011

    "An inexpensive alternative ..." to a complete seat. Simply place the seat pad on your motorbike seat and secure with the straps. The rubberised backing prevents it slipping. The gel layer distributes the pressure of your body weight over a larger area for increased comfort on long journeys.

    DREAM-MACHINES Issue 6-2010

    "Dream-Machines" magazine tested a range of gel seat pads in its 6/2010 issue. Its verdict on the Louis gel seat pad was:

    "The gel seat pad from Louis is available in two sizes. In addition to the large version presented here, the smaller seat pad is suitable for pillion riders. Both seat pads significantly enhance your sitting comfort thanks to the improved padding and pressure distribution over a wider area."

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