mo.unit blue Digital Control Unit

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mo.unit blue Digital Control Unit

motogadget has come up with another ingenious innovation. The digital control unit mo.unit blue is the ideal solution for all motorbike accessories if you are looking to avoid bulky wiring harnesses and mechanical relays. Like its predecessor, the mo.unit V.2, the *blue* can be operated either with pushbutton units or with conventional handlebar switches. One of the new features is the facility to connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The mo.unit blue is about the size of a cigarette packet, is fully encapsulated and resistant to moisture, heat, cold and vibrations. The small box is equipped with 12 inputs and 10 outputs, replaceable high-quality cable clamps and, most importantly, Bluetooth® LE. This means the control unit can be operated with your smartphone via the *mo.ride* app from motogadget. What's more, it has an integrated alarm system that can be installed in any position.

The motogadget mo.unit blue offers some important advantages.

  • The device becomes the digital core of your entire vehicle's electronics. It is used for operating all the necessary components on your motorbike, and at the same time performs the function of the electrical fuses.
  • You can control the entire set-up and the alarm system via the app. Even fault diagnostics are possible during operation and without having to remove the *blue*. In addition, a secure, encrypted Keyless Go function can be used. When this function is active, you only need to approach your motorbike with your smartphone in order to get your vehicle ready to go. The electrical system can then be switched on by pushing the start button. Press it a second time to start up the engine. Once switched on, the vehicle's electrical system remains securely activated during the journey. Even without your smartphone!

Functions without smartphone or *mo.ride* app:

  • Complete digital control with 4- or 5-button operation is possible
  • Completely replaces the fuse box 10 independent circuits are digitally monitored and switched off if there is a fault. Once the fault has been rectified, the fuse function is automatically reset
  • Integrated alarm system can be installed in any position
  • Integrated, digital, load-independent flasher; automatic shutdown is optional and can be set; mo.wave mode can be selected
  • Integrated hazard warning light
  • Turn signal can optionally be set as a position light
  • Integrated parking light and headlight flasher
  • High and low beam (up to 200 W switching capacity) can be controlled with a single button
  • Integrated, digital brake light modulator; programmable flashing mode
  • Acceleration-controlled emergency brake light (automatic warning signal)
  • Integrated starter relay for starter system with solenoid (up to 30 A switching capacity)
  • Intelligent and configurable management/switch-off of power-consuming devices so that the maximum starting power from the battery is available when starting the motorbike
  • Integrated digital horn relay
  • Two configurable additional outputs AUX1 and AUX2
  • Diagnostics function for assigning inputs, outputs, circuit switching status, short-circuit diagnostics etc.
  • Calibration and current measurement enables fault detection on all lamps

Functions with smartphone and *mo.ride* app:

  • Encrypted connection via Bluetooth® LE (Low Energy), for manipulation protection
  • Extremely low smartphone and mo.unit blue power consumption (with active Bluetooth 0.9 mA and in power save mode after 6 weeks of inactivity: 0.3mA)
  • Keyless Go (vehicle electrical system is switched on when you approach the motorbike with your smartphone)
  • Highly sensitive acceleration sensor enables display of ride information in mo.ride via an activity factor, number of bends, top speed etc.
  • Alarm events are sent (with date, time, vehicle on the ground etc.) to the app
  • Alarm system mode and sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Battery voltage can be monitored in the app
  • Diagnostics of all inputs ad outputs, measurement of current, voltage and device temperature
  • Fault recognition for all lamps via calibration Turn signal faults cause doubling of the flashing frequency, status report in the app and acoustic warning via Rideassist.
  • Rideassist: optional turn signal sound and real-time audio fault messages via helmet headset.
  • Outputs can be switched manually via smartphone (except for starter)
  • Firmware updates provided anywhere via smartphone and app without removal
  • Setup menu can be configured anywhere via smartphone and app without removal
  • Speedometer signal for comparing the vehicle mileage with mo.ride can be used for vehicle management with automatic alerts for maintenance tasks and condition of tyres, chain, brake pads, oil, service fluids, spark plugs etc.
  • Logbook records journeys and saves all generated vehicle messages, alarm events and maintenance tasks
  • Display of parking position and Ping! to help locate the vehicle
  • LIN bus connection for connecting to compatible motogadget products at a later date


  • L/W/H: 90 x 53 x 30 mm; distance between holes 74 mm
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Operating voltage: 6 V - 20 V
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +80°C

Securing by means of 2 x M5 stainless steel screws (installation and earth connection), 1 x M5 screw contact for battery positive terminal

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