Mirror Set Milano incl. Sensor LED daytime running light

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Mirror Set Milano incl. Sensor LED daytime running light

2x gazzini mirror Milano, LED daytime running light

You haven't seen this yet: gazzini finally brings the round mirror with integrated daytime running light to you. From a purely visual point of view, this design motorcycle mirror initially looks like a very pure, no-frills gazzini mirror. However, if the LED daytime running light is switched on, your vehicle gets a whole new, unique, strong look.
The light shines very brightly, making it hard to miss. And so, with this development, gazzini again provides a little more passive safety when riding a motorcycle.

  • Powerful optics
  • Extremely bright light
  • Mirror glass: slightly gray-tinted for optimal glare protection
  • LED daytime running light: 12V/1,7W resp. 15,9W
  • Ball joint made of stainless steel
  • incl. adapter with M10x1.25 right-hand thread, M10x1.25 left-hand thread and M10x1.5 right-hand thread.
  • Suitable for left or right.
  • Dimensions in mm (see dimension sketch): a=100, b=100, c=220, d=200.
  • Material: CNC-milled aluminum (black anodized)
  • E-approved

1x daytime running light switch

You drive your motorcycle into a tunnel and forget to switch from daytime running light to low beam. This can be unpleasant if other road users do not recognize you well. The automatic daytime running light switch from Axel Joost is the perfect solution for you. The small relay with brightness sensor switches between low beam and daytime running lights - reliably and automatically.
The sensitivity of the daytime running light switch can be set in 60 brightness levels and permanently stored. The switching time from daytime running light to low beam is set to less than 0.5 seconds. This is sufficient for tunnels and in order to be insensitive to stray lights from other road users or e.g. street lamps, the switching time from low beam to daytime running light is set to approx. 3 seconds.
  • Dimensions: 38 mm x 16 mm x 11 mm
  • Current consumption: maximum 7 mA microcontroller, calculated without power unit
  • Housing: plastic, encapsulated
  • Input voltage: 7 - 18 volts
  • Connections: control part 0,5mm², power part 1 mm², 10 cm each
  • sensor: 4,1 mm LDR - resistor, surface encapsulated against humidity
  • maximum ambient temperature: 80 degrees Celsius
  • permissible connected load: 2 x 60 Watt, short circuit proof
  • E-tested
Note: Please follow the legal requirements when installing the gazzini mirrors with LED daytime running lights:

Daytime running lights must be switched on automatically when the ignition is turned on. Daytime running lights must go out automatically when the low beam is switched on so that other road users are not dazzled. This does not apply when the headlight flasher is activated.

Please note the installation instructions under the tab "Documents"!
Attention: An adjustment of the mirror housing is possible through the ball joint as usual. A twisting of the mirror to the left or right is prohibited, however, because inside cables run

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