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LSL Footrest Systems

Review: 4.66 out of 5


Manufacturer details: LSL

Product information

Design and function at the highest level

Anybody who looks at the LSL conversion projects can see straight away that the people work with a great deal of passion and at least equally as much technical expertise. It is true that LSL places enormous value on creating a great look for all of its products, but maximum biking pleasure through excellent performance is always central to every product development. LSL has made an extremely good name for itself in the field of ergonomic optimization (handlebars, grips, levers and footrests). LSL also specialises in chassis- and hydraulic components, crash protection and lighting. Several accolades testify to the fact that LSL has taken the right approach with its commitment to technical finesse and quality without compromise - such as the fact LSL has won the 2013 "PS" magazine readers choice award in the "accessories/conversions" category for the fifth consecutive time.

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  • Product information




    By purchasing this item you have chosen a premium-quality product with superior German workmanship. This internationally acknowledged mark of quality means that this product is the result of efficiently coordinated development and production processes, technological expertise, continuous quality controls.

    Product information Product information



    Technical accessories whose operational safety depends not only on their own strength and function, but also on proper installation on the vehicle, are often supplied with a TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) certificate. The user is obliged to have such accessories immediately registered in the vehicle papers by a TÜV test centre. This also involves the TÜV inspector checking the vehicle's operational safety. A charge is made for such registration.
    Today, TÜV reports are increasingly issued for specific types of vehicle. However, no manufacturer is able (e.g. for cost reasons) to have their products tested on all vehicles which might use them. If a vehicle model is not listed, it is the inspector who has to decide about registration on the basis of his technical expertise; the strength of the product and its roadworthiness are confirmed by the existing TÜV report.
    Since 2002, TÜV only accepts component certificates which include verification of the manufacturer's quality management system according to the requirements of §19 Appendix XIX of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) in the form of a valid certification document. Older reports can now only be used in exceptional circumstances in the course of a full technical inspection (Bauratabnahme), but the inspector is by no means obliged to make the entry in the papers.

    LSL Footrest Systems

    To the rear and up displaced footrests for sports bikes, in other words: raised, extra light, high-tech look. LSL footrest systems are based on a bracket-style base plate, combining maximum rigidity with minimum weight. The gearshift and brake lever are made from rigid, high-strength aluminium and mounted on PTFE-coated sliding sleeves for long service life. All the components are glossy silver anodised to prevent oxidation.

    REMARK: Rearsets come with rigid mounts and silver LSL Racing footpegs. Fold-up footpeg mounts are separately available, please see "Compatible products".

    OFFSET: The offset is compared to the position of the original footrest.
    For example:
    "REARSET LSL... 2.0/2.5" means: LSL rearset is positioned 2.0 cm to the rear and 2.5 cm up. If no offset is listed, the motorcycle has a specific offset which is explained in "Important notes".

  • PS Issue 09-2000

    The footrest system from LSL was rated a Best Buy by PS magazine (issue 09/2000).

    Verdict: "The lightest set with a perfect position even for taller riders. Sport motorcyclists choose these rigid rests!"

    • Quality/fitting: "Nicely finished and light as a feather - with rigid rests, only half the weight of a factory footrest!"

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