LSL Footpegs Joint Kits

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Design and function at the highest level

Anybody who looks at the LSL conversion projects can see straight away that the people work with a great deal of passion and at least equally as much technical expertise. It is true that LSL places enormous value on creating a great look for all of its products, but maximum biking pleasure through excellent performance is always central to every product development. LSL has made an extremely good name for itself in the field of ergonomic optimization (handlebars, grips, levers and footrests). LSL also specialises in chassis- and hydraulic components, crash protection and lighting. Several accolades testify to the fact that LSL has taken the right approach with its commitment to technical finesse and quality without compromise - such as the fact LSL has won the 2013 "PS" magazine readers choice award in the "accessories/conversions" category for the fifth consecutive time.

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  • Product information



    German type approval ("ABE)" allows the accessory concerned to be used on the vehicle models listed in the test report. Here it is the type abbreviation and not the maker's designation that is important for identifying the vehicle. The test report must be kept with the vehicle and shown on request if you are stopped at a roadside check or at the regular safety inspection at the TÜV test centre.
    Accessories with ABE type approval do not have to be entered in the vehicle registration documents. To avoid always having to always take the test report with you, you can have a relevant entry made by TÜV (subject to a charge).
    If you wish to use an accessory on a vehicle not listed in the type approval, TÜV inspection is necessary. Although ABE type approval confirms the proper installation and safety of the product, it is the inspector who has to decide according to his technical expertise whether it is suitable for use on the vehicle.

    Product information



    This product is made of high-quality CNC-machined aluminium and will look great on your motorbike.

    To ensure that it gives you many years of service, please observe the following care instructions:

    1. After installing the product, and each time you wash your motorbike, apply a wax-based care product, e.g. Procycle Polishing Wax, Order no. 10004923 for protection against wind and weather. You may need to repeat the application after an outing in winter weather, rain or salty air (near the coast).

    2. Remove any corrosion as soon as possible using a standard aluminium polish (e.g. Autosol Aluminium Polish, Order no. 10004421).

    LSL Footpegs Joint Kits

    Correct adjustment made easy! Adjustable footrest joints ensure the right foot position.

    The latest development from LSL. CNC-machined footrest hinges with 8 possible adjustments and optimal adjustment range.

    This gives the versatility to suit racers and tourers alike. You can choose a high, sporty position or a comfortable, low position. And if you like to vary your position now and then, all you need is a hexagon key to make a quick and easy adjustment. It's just a matter of individual preference.

    How it works:
    The LSL is adjusted by means of a circular lever screw mechanism with a radius of 25 mm. This gives a choice of 8 different positions (see the example in the picture). Includes type approval for Germany.

    Please choose the right joint kit for your motorcycle model (see top right). Sold in pairs.

    Footrests are not included. Please order your preferred footrests separately in your choice of colour (see below: "Compatible products").

    Important note:
    If the footrests are set too low, the soles of your boots may touch the exhaust. Furthermore, positioning the footrests a long way forwards or backwards may change the distance from the gear shift and therefore have an effect on shifting. Always make sure that foot brake operation is not impeded!

    When adjusting the footrest hinges, always make sure that safety is not affected in any way.

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