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Design and function at the highest level

Anybody who looks at the LSL conversion projects can see straight away that the people work with a great deal of passion and at least equally as much technical expertise. It is true that LSL places enormous value on creating a great look for all of its products, but maximum biking pleasure through excellent performance is always central to every product development. LSL has made an extremely good name for itself in the field of ergonomic optimization (handlebars, grips, levers and footrests). LSL also specialises in chassis- and hydraulic components, crash protection and lighting. Several accolades testify to the fact that LSL has taken the right approach with its commitment to technical finesse and quality without compromise - such as the fact LSL has won the 2013 "PS" magazine readers choice award in the "accessories/conversions" category for the fifth consecutive time.

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  • LSL Crash-Pads

    LSL Crash Pads

    Protection for sporty motorbikes which are aerodynamic, sturdy and intelligently designed.

    The tried and trusted LSL Crash Pads not only look more interesting than simple nylon or aluminium versions, they also deliver a whole lot more.

    These crash pads comprise a mushroom-shaped aluminium body, which is weight-optimised and either anodised or varnished for weather protection, plus a specially developed impact-absorbing plastic insert.

    Thanks to the specially designed contour, the rounded crash pad dome glides optimally across joins and irregularities in the road surface and effectively prevents the bike from catching as it slides.

    The plastic insert, shaped like the runner of a sledge, also plays an important part and, in addition, absorbs the impact if your motorbike lands on its side.

    This brakes the sliding motorbike effectively, while at the same time reducing the forces acting on the crash pad mount and bolt. Sturdy mounting kits for many different motorbike models are available for all crash pads (please order separately: see Compatible Products below)


    In its 6/2014 issue, "Motorradfahrer" magazine tested a variety of accessories on the Suzuki GSR 750. LSL Crash Pads were awarded a MOTORRADFAHRER RECOMMENDATION. The following features were given special mention:

    - Quick to install
    - Sturdy pads
    - Plastic inserts reduce impact energy
    - The adapter decouples the pad from the engine mounting point
    - Optimum protection for delicate frame and housing parts

    MOTORRADFAHRER Issue 12-2011

    In its 12/2011 issue, "Motorradfahrer" magazine tested various crash pads. Their verdict on the LSL crash pads was:

    "The elegant, beautifully finished crash pad mounting system for the engine of the VFR 1200 is a good example of the quality of engineering that goes into the LSL mounting kits for many models. The multi-strut mounting plates for each side, on which the crash pads sit centrally, are bolted to the engine case using sleeves. The exemplary installation instructions illustrate this clearly in large photos, stating the tightening torques and pointing out any changes that need to be made to the lower fairing of the VFR."

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