LED main headlight type 5 5 3/4", side or bottom mounting

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LED main headlight type 5 5 3/4", side or bottom mounting

Particularly popular with custom bikes and scrambler conversions are round headlights that can be placed as closely as possible between the two standpipes in the fork. The round HIGHSIDER *FRAME-R2 Type 5* LED main headlight with standlight function, chrome-plated reflector, black bezel and clear glass meets precisely this requirement. A CNC mounting ring and the complete mounting kit are included.
The HIGHSIDER *FRAME-R2 Type 5* LED main headlight does not have a solid housing, as this was the only way to ensure the tight mounting position. In addition, the LED unit is cooled much better by the airstream, which in turn increases the service life.

Whether for replacement, for better visibility at night, optimum visibility during the day, or to give your motorbike a nicer look, if you are looking for a stylish and innovative power headlight, the HIGHSIDER *FRAME-R2 Type 5* LED main headlight is your first choice.

  • round 5 3/4 inch headlight with CNC mounting ring and mounting kit
  • optimal cooling
  • many installation options
  • shallow installation depth
  • modern look, stylish-innovative
  • chrome-plated reflector with black bezel and clear glass
  • High beam, low beam (upper half illuminated) and parking light produced by extra LEDs at top and bottom
  • Asymmetrical luminous flux, only approved for right-hand traffic
  • E-approved, no registration necessary
  • A Ø diameter = 165 mm
  • GA Ø diameter = 135 mm
  • I diameter = 145 mm
  • T = 60 mm
  • R = 27 mm
  • Variant lateral fixing: M8
Connections, power consumption (3 pin connector):
  • Red cable = low beam (+), at 12 V, 25 W (1121.2 lm)
  • White cable = high beam (+), at 12 V, 21 W (1510.7 lm)
  • Brown cable = parking light (+), at 12 V 0.5 W
  • Black cable = ground (-)

Scope of delivery:
1 x HIGHSIDER *FRAME-R2 Type 5* LED main headlight

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