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Since 1981

Koso indicator kits display everything you need to know about your bike, and then some. Many displays can be individually programmed. And because they look great as well as have all the functions, the tachometers, speedometers and other instruments are ideal for streetfighter conversions, supersport bikes and choppers or as replacements for expensive standard cockpits. Of course, Koso also has all the necessary accessories for your bike such as rearview mirrors and lighting equipment.


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  • Koso GPS Lap Timer

    You want to know exactly what's what. Whether amateur or professional racer, you won't want to do without a professional GPS lap timer on the race circuit. Koso has made one just for you. And, because it uses GPS technology, it gives you exactly the information you need on the race track, without the need for additional beacons or other equipment.

    This device records up to 200 laps, displays your best lap time, the differences between previous laps and your most recent lap, and your speed / average speed. It can of course also be used as a GPS speedometer because of the odometer and speedometer functions. In addition, the Koso GPS Lap Timer also features the popular "Power Test Function", which enables you to measure your time over a specific distance (e.g. 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, etc.) or a specific time (e.g. acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h).


    • Display range: 0-360 km/h (0-255 mph)

    Units: 1 km/h (mph).

    • Display interval: 0.5 seconds


    • Display range: 0 - 99.999 km (miles)
    • Automatic reset after 99,999 km (miles)
    • Units: 1 km (mile)

    Trip meter

    • Display range: 0 - 9,999.9 km (miles)
    • Automatic reset after 9,999.9 km (miles) (average speed and run time recordings are deleted at the same time)
    • Display range: 0.1 km/h (mph).

    Average speed

    • Recording range: 0-360 km/h (0-255 mph)
    • Units: 1 km/h (mph).

    Trip time

    • Recording range 0 - 9,999.9h
    • Automatic reset after 9,999.9h
    • Units: 0.1h

    Top speed record

    • Recording range: 0 - 360 km/h (mph)
    • Units: 1 km/h (mph).

    Geodetic coordinate system WGS-84

    Display of coordinates

    • Setting range: d°m's.s" / d.d° / d°m.m'

    Time zone

    • Setting range: UTC 12:00 ~ + 14:00


    • Automatic data acquisition via GPS signal


    • Setting range: 12h/24h
    • Automatic time setting after selecting the time zone

    Voltage warning

    • Battery symbol starts to flash when voltage drops below 7.0 V

    Display contrast adjustment

    • Setting range: Level 1 - 16

    Backlight brightness adjustment

    • Setting range: 0 (closed) / 1 (darkest) - 7 (brightest)

    Timing mode

    Timing mode

    • Recording range: 00'00"00- 99'59"99

    Number of laps

    • Recording range: 1 - 200 laps

    Time difference compared to best time recorded

    • Display range: 00"00 - 99"99

    Time difference compared to last lap

    • Display range: -99"99 ~ +99"99

    Record display method

    • Setting range: Sequentially / Best

    Record display retention time

    • Setting range: 5 - 20 seconds

    Target speed timer

    • Setting range: 30-360 km/h (20-255 mph)
    • Units: 5 km/h (mph).

    Target distance timer

    • Setting range: 1/32 - 30/32 mile (50 - 1500 m)
    • Units: 1/32 mile (50 m)

    Closed track single lap time

    • Setting range: 0'00"00 - 9'59"99

    Open track single lap time

    • Setting range: 0'00"00 - 9'59"99

    Create track

    • Setting range: Open/Closed

    Track width

    • Setting range: 5 m - 50 m
    • Units: 1 m

    Track length

    • Automatic calculation after completing one lap


    • Setting range: 0 - 22 points (max.)

    Effective voltage: DC 12 V

    Standard: JIS D 0203 S2

    Dimensions: 107.7 x 61.7 x 20.5

    Weight: 132 g

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