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Ilmberger Rear Hugger, carbon
Type approved

Review: 3.92 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Ilmberger

Product information


It was Julius Ilmberger's personal ambition and perfectionism that led him to develop the first carbon parts for his own racing bike at the end of the 80s. The parts went down so well that Ilmberger founded the company Ilmberger Carbonparts in 1990. Today, Ilmberger is not only a constant in the racing scene - the first-class workmanship and excellent fit of the parts appeal to more and more "everyday" motorcyclists. And then there's the weight saving and how good they look...

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  • Product information



    German type approval ("ABE)" allows the accessory concerned to be used on the vehicle models listed in the test report. Here it is the type abbreviation and not the maker's designation that is important for identifying the vehicle. The test report must be kept with the vehicle and shown on request if you are stopped at a roadside check or at the regular safety inspection at the TÜV test centre.
    Accessories with ABE type approval do not have to be entered in the vehicle registration documents. To avoid always having to always take the test report with you, you can have a relevant entry made by TÜV (subject to a charge).
    If you wish to use an accessory on a vehicle not listed in the type approval, TÜV inspection is necessary. Although ABE type approval confirms the proper installation and safety of the product, it is the inspector who has to decide according to his technical expertise whether it is suitable for use on the vehicle.

    Product information




    By purchasing this item you have chosen a premium-quality product with superior German workmanship. This internationally acknowledged mark of quality means that this product is the result of efficiently coordinated development and production processes, technological expertise, continuous quality controls.

    Ilmberger Rear Hugger, carbon
    Type approved

    The precisely fitting carbon fibre rear huggers from Ilmberger Carbonparts are made exclusively in autoclaves using 100% carbon. Each accessory features a clear plastic coating with TÜV certification and is supplied with type approval.

    • The length of the rear hugger is specially designed so that it not only keeps your motorbike clean but also protects the suspension from stone chip damage, dirt and "sandblasting". Most importantly, an efficient rear hugger ensures that the seals and piston rod in your shocks will give you considerably longer service.
    • The special shape of the hugger greatly reduces the amount of dirt and spray thrown up by the rear wheel. The shape is adapted to suit the standard chassis and tyre size of the particular motorbike model. The carbon covers are manufactured entirely from prepreg material (see FAQ) in an autoclave, in accordance with the latest guidelines. Then they are given our usual clear plastic coating to protect the surface.
    • This coating far exceeds the normal clear lacquers in terms of protection, scratch resistance and durability. But it is not only the technical specifications of the coating that are outstanding. It also accentuates the three-dimensional look of the carbon structure.


    • The product is hand-laminated from carbon fibre mats. This means that the texture of the material under the smooth surface is not always 100% uniform, which is proof that it is made of genuine carbon.

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