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Highway 1 Fifty-Two Nappa leather jacket
women and men

Review: 4.64 out of 5

Highway 1

Manufacturer details: Highway 1

Product information

American Way of Biking

Highway 1 motorcycle and leisure clothing brings the "American way of biking" to Europe, and will appeal especially to cruiser and chopper riders who prefer rugged bike leathers and classic cuts, without having to compromise on modern safety features. Jackets, vests, trousers, helmets, boots and gloves all come in coordinated designs. Lots of accessories, from belts to bandanas, round out the wide range.

Catalogue page: 164


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  • Product information



    Most traditional, high-quality outer material with cult status for motorcycle clothing and accessories. Unmistakable in its natural, high-quality look, the strong image, ideally suited to both figure-hugging and highly functional designs. The biker's "second skin" still has the edge over any textile material when it comes to safety and resistance to abrasion and tearing. The way the material stretches as the clothing is worn means that leather clothing adapts to the body contours ideally, thus also guaranteeing that protectors fit optimally. Leather clothing should therefore always be bought with a close fit. Impregnation, leather oil and surface coatings guarantee good weather protection and a degree of rainproofing, but unfortunately also limit the breathability. Relatively heavy, but enthusiasts value this as a "quality feature". Looked after properly, it is very durable. Because leather does not itself offer much thermal insulation, the other features of the garment, or the base layers of clothing, must provide some help here.

    Product information



    ISO 4916 safety seam
    Motorcycle clothing should offer you the best possible protection if you take a tumble.
    If you slide across a rough asphalt surface, an abrasion-resistant outer fabric only helps as long as the seams can take the strain. This is why the safety-critical seams on many Louis products are manufactured according to the ISO 4916 standard, that is to say with a visible and a concealed seam. This means that the material will still hold together if the visible seam is torn open by friction.

    Product information

    Highway 1 Fifty-Two Nappa leather jacket
    women and men

    Highway 1 Fifty-Two Leather Jacket
    Inspired by Marlon Brando's Highway jacket but cut slightly longer and looking somewhat smarter. This leather jacket became a classic for bikers, clubbers and lone wolves in the late '70s. The stretch panel on the back ensures you'll cut a fine figure in this jacket - not to mention its impressive heavyweight quality. With protector pockets for extra safety on your bike!
    The golden oldie among leather jackets!


    • Slim fit
    • Waist belt with stretch panel at the back
    • 4 outside pockets
    • 2 inside pockets + 1 Mobilepocket


    • Shoulder and elbow protector pockets can be retrofitted with SUPER SHIELD protectors; shoulder (20019143), elbow (20019144)
    • Back pocket can be retrofitted with SUPER SHIELD back protector (20019168 or 20019169)


    • Cow Nappa leather 0,9-1,1 mm thick
    • Lining 100% polyester

    *** Leather could be more dull then pictured ***

    NOTE: Please remember that brown nubuck still has traces of sanding dust for a more authentic look. You should therefore initially avoid light-coloured furniture.

  • MOTORRAD Issue 17-2012

    "Motorrad" magazine tested various cruiser outfits in its 17-2012 issue. In this report, the Highway1 Fifty-Two jacket was given special mention:

    - Really well made
    - Backstretch and waist belt adjustment is top-rate
    - Incredibly comfortable

    DREAM-MACHINES Issue 01-2008

    In its 1/2008 issue, "Dream Machines" magazine tested a variety of "highway" style leather jackets. A summary of the verdict on the Fifty-Two leather jacket:

    "Under the brand name of Highway 1, Louis markets a complete collection of robust leather wear. The "Fifty-Two" jacket is the evergreen amongst leather jackets. It has been in the range for ages and is still up-to-date. High quality and durability ensure that it is here to stay. "

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