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Hexagon-Head Bolt Assortment
130 Pieces

Review: 5 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Berning

Product information

Berning-Schrauben charted a rapid rise to become one of
the leading suppliers of connection systems and fasteners for motorcycles.
In addition to nuts, bolts and screws, we supply a wide range of products specifically for motorcycles.
Our strength lies in working closely with our customers and and adhering to strict quality standards.


Order no. 10003233


This is a product from another manufacturer made exclusively for Louis.

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  • Product information




    By purchasing this item you have chosen a premium-quality product with superior German workmanship. This internationally acknowledged mark of quality means that this product is the result of efficiently coordinated development and production processes, technological expertise, continuous quality controls.

    Product information



    Stainless steel is a collective term for rustproof steel. It is much more resistant to corrosion than non-alloyed steels. Stainless steel does not deteriorate, and is hygienic, UV-resistant, non-corroding, fracture-proof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not weather and can be recycled in its entirety, even after many years. Technically, the term "stainless steel" refers to corrosion-resistant steel alloys with a wide variety of compositions but always containing a high percentage of chromium (usually a minimum of 10.5%)


    Stainless steel should be cleaned regularly like all other materials, especially after exposure to salty air (near the coast), and also at regular intervals.
    Water can easily collect in corners, edges and screw connections, resulting in corrosion. So careful cleaning is important, and if necessary screws should be undone in order to clean the parts thoroughly.
    Do not leave rusty steel parts against stainless steel to avoid the rust "contamination".

    Product information

    Hexagon-Head Bolt Assortment
    130 Pieces

    This bolt assortment has just about everything. Hexagon socket bolts (DIN 912), hex nuts (DIN 934) and washers (DIN 125). 130 nuts/bolts/washers in total. So you never have to search for long to find the exact bolt you need. Perfect!

    Material: stainless steel (V2A)
    Thread: metric

    Hexagon socket bolts:

    • 6 M5 x 16 (DIN 912)
    • 6 M5 x 20 (DIN 912)
    • 6 M6 x 12 (DIN 912)
    • 8 M6 x 16 (DIN 912)
    • 6 M6 x 20 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M6 x 25 (DIN 912)
    • 6 M6 x 30 (DIN 912)
    • 6 M6 x 35 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M6 x 40 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M6 x 50 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M6 x 60 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M6 x 70 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M8 x 20 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M8 x 30 (DIN 912)
    • 4 M8 x 40 (DIN 912)

    Hex nuts:

    • 8 M5 (DIN 934)
    • 8 M6 (DIN 934)
    • 8 M8 (DIN 934)


    • 10 5.3 mm (DIN 125)
    • 10 6.4 mm (DIN 125)
    • 10 8.4 mm (DIN 125)

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