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Headlight Mini H4

Review: 3.4 out of 5

Catalogue page: 589


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  • Product information



    Modern vehicle accessories of different types now frequently carry an "E" approval mark valid throughout Europe. This "E" mark, which is made up of a combination of letters and numbers, is clearly displayed on the product and shows the application tested, the country in which testing was carried out and, where appropriate, the vehicle type to which approval applies. EC type approval for exhaust systems, for example, are always issued for a specific vehicle type, whereas in the case of lighting, they apply to an entire group of vehicles, e.g. motorcycles.
    This certification mark is the sole proof of legality stipulated by law, i.e. no written report or entry in the vehicle documents by TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) is required. However, when it comes to installing accessories, the relevant guidelines of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StvZO) must always be observed.
    At at a roadside check or a TÜV vehicle inspection, the registered keeper is only required to show the "E" mark. It is then up to the official in charge whether to check the mark with the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg (or equivalent type approval authority in other countries), which is able to decode all certification marks.

    Original parts on newer vehicles that have been given an "E" mark at the factory may only be replaced with accessories that have likewise undergone E-approval. An E-certified mirror may not, for example, by replaced with a mirror that only has TÜV approval under the German vehicle licensing regulations.

    Headlight Mini H4

    Compact headlight

    Finally, a small headlight for streetbikes, which is also rugged, easy to install, suitable for night riding and complies with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO)! The recommendation for anybody who wants to give their bike a sleeker appearance and a "pretty look" without too much effort. With its total diameter of exactly 165 millimetres (normally these are 200 mm or more) and its classic, spherical shape which is slightly tapered at the back, it is visually already beyond reproach. Its metal housing, the halogen light and the cable feed-through, which can also be adapted for larger quantities of cable, make it the perfect component for any conversion project in terms of technology, too. Compatible whether its a classic motorbike, retro-style bike, cafe racer, flat tracker... you're welcome!

    • headlight trim ring and body made from solid metal, secured with two screws
    • classic curved and patterned diffusing lens (not a clear lens)
    • high-performance halogen H4 unit (low and high beams) plus parking light
    • incl. 60/55 watt H4 lamp, H4 connector and 5 watt parking light bulb
    • output beam angle is horizontally adjustable via 2nd headlight trim ring and "eyelid effect"
    • cable entry feed with waterproof plastic cover, individually adaptable to max. 80 x 25 mm without drilling/sawing
    • housing optionally high-polish chromed or matt black
    • side fastening with M8 bolts (not included), M8 nuts already integrated into housing
    • dimensions: housing diameter 165 mm, housing depth 130 mm, lens diameter 130 mm

    Due to the illumination which is developed for right-hand traffic, it is not recommended to use this headlight in left-hand traffic.

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