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GS-911 USB Enthusiast for OBD-II connector, 2nd generation

Art. No. 10017863
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GS-911 USB Enthusiast for OBD-II connector, 2nd generation

Such a diagnostic tool as the HEX *GS-911 USB GEN2* is always good when you want to know exactly how your BMW (also Husquarna) is doing. The device gives you at home and on the road, in conjunction with a laptop (USB port), a deep insight into what is happening in your motorcycle. With the *GS-911 USB* you can read and clear fault codes, reset service reminders and do other important service work yourself.

This 2nd generation HEX *GS-911 USB* device also provides BMW motorcycle enthusiasts with the ultimate added value, as it features a J1962 (OBD-II) connector, making it compatible with all newer EU-4 compliant BMW motorcycles with OBD-II connector ports.
When used with the "female" OBD-II adapter cable, the tool is also backwards compatible. That is, it supports ALL earlier model BMW motorcycles that have round 10-pin diagnostic connectors. However, this cost-effective diagnostic solution is only available in combination with our Windows PC application via a USB cable.

The HEX *GS-911 USB* is only available as an Enthusiast license (for 10 vehicles) and cannot be upgraded to a Professional license.

  • Service work on the motorcycle yourself
  • For BMW motorcycles with OBD2 diagnostic ports
  • Compatible with the latest generation of K001 BMW motorcycles (K1600GT/GLT, R1200GS LC)aAlso downward compatible for all BMW motorcycles, thanks to the optionally available OBD-II to 10 pin cable adapter
  • mobile and independent use
  • ECU information
  • Component output tests
  • Display of real-time sensor values
  • Logging and display of real-time values
  • Component calibration
  • resetting and teaching of adjustment values
  • basic coding
  • special venting
  • simple operation,
  • fast auto scan
  • software updates via download
  • weight: 253 g
  • 145 × 160 × 42 mm
Scope of delivery:
1 x HEX *GS-911 USB GEN2* diagnostic device
1 x OBD-II plug cable to USB

Suitable motorcycles

  • C1-125 (C01)
  • C1-200 (C01)
  • C400GT (K08)
  • C400X (K09)
  • C600 Sport (K18)
  • C650 Sport (K18A)
  • C650GT (K19A)
  • F650GS (K72) 2008 onwards 2 cyl.
  • F650GS (K13) dual ignition
  • F650GS Dakar (R13) dual ignition
  • F650CS (K14) dual ignition
  • F650GS (R13) single ignition
  • F700GS (K70)
  • F750GS (K80)
  • F800GS (K72)
  • F800GSA (K75)
  • F800GT (K71)
  • F800R (K73)
  • F800S (K71)
  • F800ST (K71)
  • F850GS (K81)
  • F850GSA (K82)
  • F900R (K83)
  • F900XR (K84)
G Series:
  • G310GS (K02)
  • G310R (K03)
  • G450X (K16)
  • G650Xchallenge (K15)
  • G650Xcountry (K15)
  • G650Xmoto (K15)
  • G650GS (R13)
  • G650GS Sertao (R13)
K series:
  • K1200GT (K44)
  • K1200GT (K41) without CAN
  • K1200R (K43)
  • K1200R Sport (K43)
  • K1200S (K40)
  • K1200LT (K589)
  • K1200RS (K41)
  • K1300GT (K44)
  • K1300R (K43)
  • K1300S (K40)
  • K1600GT (K48)
  • K1600GTL (K48)
  • K1600GLT Exclusive (K48)
  • K1600 Excavator (K61)
R series:
  • R nineT (K21)
  • R nineT Pure (K22)
  • R nineT Scrambler (K23)
  • R nineT Racer (K32)
  • R nineT Urban G/S (K33)
  • R850C (259C)
  • R850R (259R/R28)
  • R850RT (259/R22)
  • R1100S (259S)
  • R1150GS (R21)
  • R1150GS Adventure (R21)
  • R1150R (R28)
  • R1150RS (R22)
  • R1150RT (R22)
  • R1200RS LC (K54)
  • R1200GS (K50)
  • R1200GS Adv LC (K51)
  • R1200R / RS (K53)
  • R1200RT (K52)
  • R1200GS (K25)
  • R1200GS Adventure (K25)
  • R1200RT (K26)
  • R1200R (K27)
  • R1200ST (K28)
  • R1200S (K29)
  • R1200S HP2 (K29)
  • R1200C (259S)
  • R1200CL (K30)
  • R1250GS LC (K50)
  • R1250GS Adv LC (K51)
  • R1250RT LC (K52)
  • R1250R LC (K53)
  • S1000R (K47)
  • S1000RR (K46)
  • S1000RR (K67)
  • S1000XR (K49)
  • S1000XR (K69)
  • Nuda 900 / 900R (H91)
  • TR650 Strada / Terra (H61)

WEEE-Reg.Nr.: DE 65 34 31 11

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