Gilles Tooling Chain Adjuster AXB

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Sporty accessories for motorbikes

Each of the high-quality accessories engineered by Gerhard Gilles' company optimises both the functioning and the look of your motorbike. The company founder is a former motorbike racer and CNC machinist, so he knows exactly what keen bikers really want. The first customisable footrest systems he designed hit the nail on the head in the motorbike scene. And the same is true today for many other finely machined components from Gilles Tooling. The proof is clear to see in the reviews posted by Louis customers.

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  • Product information



    This product is made of high-quality CNC-machined aluminium and will look great on your motorbike.

    To ensure that it gives you many years of service, please observe the following care instructions:

    1. After installing the product, and each time you wash your motorbike, apply a wax-based care product, e.g. Procycle Polishing Wax, Order no. 10004923 for protection against wind and weather. You may need to repeat the application after an outing in winter weather, rain or salty air (near the coast).

    2. Remove any corrosion as soon as possible using a standard aluminium polish (e.g. Autosol Aluminium Polish, Order no. 10004421).

    Gilles Tooling Chain Adjuster AXB

    The AXB chain adjuster is essentially the little brother of the TCA chain adjuster, but is every bit its equal in terms of precision and functionality!

    Here too, graduation marks on the swing arm enable you to compensate for any production tolerances. All the aluminium components are made from high-strength al7075, are CNC engineered with high precision and give an extra-resistant hard anodised finish in different colours.
    For a visually and technically perfect result, the Gilles Chain Adjuster should always be fitted in combination with the correct Gilles titanium axle nut.


    • High-precision adjustment of chain tension and rear wheel alignment
    • Special bolt permits backward and forward axle adjustment
    • Precise scale for extremely accurate measurement
    • The graduation marks allow you to compensate for production tolerances
    • AXB remains in the swing arm when the rear wheel is fitted
    • Axle is supported against tensile and compressive forces
    • Comprises: Set

    With all Gilles axb chain adjusters the axle nut is always mounted on the upraised base plate. The solid axle head fits in the recessed base plate of the chain adjuster. So on certain vehicles, the axle must be pushed through from the other side.

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