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ENUMA MVXZ2 Screw-Type
master link in 520,525 & 530 pitch

Review: 5 out of 5


Manufacturer details: ENUMA

Product information

Perfect drive engineering from the inventor of the O-ring motorcycle chain

Since the 1970s, ENUMA has specialised in the production of high-strength motorcycle drive chains. With great success, considering that milestones such as the O-ring motorcycle chain, the screw-type chain lock, the Quad-Ring and Quadra-X-Ring chain sealing rings as well as the ZZZ drive chain for particularly high-performance "monster bikes" can be credited to the long-established company. Motorcycle chains with unusual colours appeal in particular to those bike owners who place high importance on the design and lasting impression of their motorcycle.


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  • Product information



    This product has been imported from Japan! The latest technology and continuous production monitoring are just two of the factors that ensure you are offered a top-quality product.

    Product information

    ENUMA MVXZ2 Screw-Type
    master link in 520,525 & 530 pitch

    The patented Screw-Type Master Link from Enuma is perfect for the latest generation of Quadra-X Ring motorcycle drive chains like the Enuma MVXZ2. It makes the job of fitting an Enuma drive chain quick, easy and amazingly inexpensive.

    Another good reason to choose an Enuma MVXZ2 chain is the patented master link, specially developed by Enuma for this type of chain. To install it, all you need is a wrench (size 10). So you can save yourself the time-consuming job of removing the rear wheel swing arm and riveting the chain with a special tool, which would hit you in the pocket if you take your bike to a workshop. If necessary, the master link can even be fitted at the roadside without any difficulty. The patented system creates an absolutely solid connection, and the chain is just as strong as an endless chain!

    The set consists of:

    • 1 outer plate with pins
    • 1 outer plate (loose)
    • 2 closed nuts, size 10
    • 4 X-ring seals
    • Chain grease
    • 1 disposable cable tie for pulling through the new chain

    Available in the following sizes and colours:

    • 520 - Steel grey and gold
    • 525 - Steel grey and gold
    • 530 - Steel grey and gold

    Safety instructions:
    This master link is approved by the manufacturer specifically for Enuma MVXZ2 Quadra-X-Ring motorcycle chains, and must not be used for any other type of chain! Before installing, you should thoroughly grease all the parts with the chain grease supplied. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Installing the master link incorrectly may result in serious damage to your bike.

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