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Emitter For S-L Corrosion
Protection Folding Garage

Review: 3 out of 5

Brand information
Catalogue page: 473
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  • Emitter For S-L Corrosion
    Protection Folding Garage

    CORTEC VCI Emitter:

    For reactivating Motodome VCI Corrosion Protection Folding Garages. Activate by removing the protective film and simply place inside the folding garage. Effective for approx. 2 years.

    Two versions available:

    • For Corrosion Protection Folding Garage size S-L = Order no. 10008315.
    • For Corrosion Protection Folding Garage size XL-XXL = Order no. 10008316.

    Note: Also ideal for use in gun safes or switch cabinets, toolboxes, etc.!

    How to use the CORTEC VCI Emitter:
    Carefully open the sealed packaging (transparent) e.g. with a scissors and remove the emitter. The VCI is self-activating. The emitter has a white membrane on the top, which must not be removed or damaged. On the bottom is an adhesive pad for attaching the emitter, e.g. to the interior wall of a gun safe or switch cabinet.
    For best results when used with the Motodome VCI Corrosion Protection Folding Garage (Order no. 10008312 and 10003813), place the emitter in the middle of the folding garage (underneath the bike). The emitter provides protection for approx. 24 months after it is removed from the packaging. However, the protection will be considerably shorter if the folding garage is opened frequently.

  • Review: 3 out of 5

    Written on 31.01.2013 10:07

    Date of purchase:

    Schlechte Verpackung

    Leider war es mir nicht möglich die Ware zu testen.
    Laut Beschreibung wird der Emitter aktiviert, sobald die Schutzfolie geöffnet ist.
    Da die Verpackung (nur) aus einem Luftpolsterumschlag bestand, hatte allem Anschein nach eine Frankiermaschine o.ä. die Schutzfolie zerissen. D.h. der Emitter wurde bereits während des Versand aktiviert und hielt die Versandtasche schön trocken (c:

    Reviewed by:


    Sehr geehrter Kunde, wenn Ihre Ware beim Versand beschädigt wurde, senden Sie uns diese bitte zum Umtausch zurück. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Ihr Louis Einkaufsteam
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