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Dynojet Carburetor Kits

Review: 4.11 out of 5

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GSF 1200 BANDIT 96-00

Order no. 10046920



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  • Product information



    These Dynojet carburettor kits can be used for many vehicle types, but have no EC type approval ("E" mark), German type approval, TÜV test certificate or any other type of approval/approval mark. Therefore their use on public roads is not permitted under the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) They must only be fitted to your vehicle and used for race, competition and show purposes (classic and collectors' motorcycles). Before using them on public roads, it is obligatory to first obtain individual component approval at your local TÜV test centre, or equivalent. We give no guarantee that such individual component approval is possible. You should also refer to our information about licensing regulations (Item III), e.g. in our Standard Terms & Conditions (T&C). This also applies outside of Germany.

    Product information



    Professional technical expertise is essential to fit this article. We therefore urge you to have it installed by a motorcycle workshop!

    Dynojet Carburetor Kits

    Whether cruiser, touring bike or sports bike, Dynojet carburettor kits offer an inexpensive and effective way to retune the carburettors on any type of motorbike. Dynojet kits boost performance and rideability, while also optimising fuel consumption.

    • Fuel needle

    When developing a new carburettor kit, our engineers devote great attention to the perfect design of the fuel needle. This component is fully adjustable, and delivers the correct fuel quantity in the middle speed range, with little or no influence (according to the design) at engine speeds below 3,000 rpm. The needle tip is designed so as to ensure minimal influence, if any at all, in the upper speed range. The purpose of this needle design is to separate all the ranges (idling, part throttle, full throttle) so as to allow fast and effective tuning of the middle speed range.

    • Main air correction jet

    This jet regulates the air feed to the needle jets. Air is premixed with the fuel drawn in from the float chamber, and then exits at the venturi in the direction of the throttle valve. On some models, Dynojet modifies the main air correction jets in order to achieve the best possible air/fuel mixture.

    • Idle system

    100% of idling and 25% of the transition from idling to part throttle is influenced by the idle system. In some models, the idle jets are exchanged in order to optimise fuel consumption. Correct synchronisation of the carburettor is essential for "stable" idle.

    • Main jet

    Dynojet main jets are developed to support the following functions: Static load and dynamic load. During slow acceleration in higher gears, we refer to the fuel quantity flowing through the main jets as static load. During rapid acceleration, or when the slide valve is opened abruptly, we refer to the fuel quantity flowing through the main jets as dynamic load. All the kits come with installation instructions, which describe every step in detail. In order to cover all possible applications, Dynojet supplies carburettor kits with various upgrades. These kits are manufactured with extreme precision and subjected to constant testing.

    • Stage 1 kits

    Developed for motorbikes with production engine, original airbox and production exhaust. Of course, "good" aftermarket exhausts or aftermarket filter cartridges can also be tuned with these Stage 1 kits. Stage 1 kits improve response and rideability. As a rule, performance can be increased by up to 5% across the entire speed range.

    • Stage 2 kits

    Developed for motorbikes with production or slightly tuned engines, with sport exhausts and modified airboxes. Stage 2 Kits are used on motorbikes where it is not possible to install individual filters, but a modification of the airbox (e.g. removal of the airbox cover on Ducati models) allows performance to be enhanced. As a rule, a performance boost of up to 8% is to be expected.

    • Stage 3 kits

    Developed for motorbikes with production or tuned engines, which use K & N individual filters and production or sport exhausts. In most cases, a performance increase of 10%-15% is realistic, but with some short-stroke sport engines, there is some loss of rideability in certain speed ranges. Various tests have demonstrated that it makes no sense to replace closed airbox systems (ram-air) with individual filters, so Dynojet does not supply kits for this particular application.

    Note: Due to the performance enhancement, these carburettor kits are not approved for road use under the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

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