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Delo starter batteries are made exclusively for Louis at one of the most cutting-edge battery manufacturers in the world. In order to guarantee the high quality standards of Delo starter batteries, only the highest quality materials are used in their production. Furthermore, each batch is then also thoroughly tried and tested in our Louis test laboratory before going to market. Delo has proven a million times over that it stands for motorcycle battery excellence in OEM quality. Key features of these batteries are their reliability, their cold start performance and their outstanding service life. Not for nothing have Delo starter batteries proven themselves in a multitude of tests ...

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    Standard batteries

    • Standard batteries are partially precharged in a dry state and need to be filled with acid (order acid separately) and then charged with a suitable charging device.
    • The acid is stored in the cells in liquid form.
    • The level of acid should be checked about once a month. Only use distilled water for topping up.
    • Never add more acid!

    DELO standard battery

    For over 40 years now, DELO automotive batteries have been famous for top quality. All DELO batteries feature very high cranking power, huge power reserves and extremely long service life.

    They come with the bolts (and nuts, if required), a vent hose and detailed instructions for use and installation.

    Very important:

    Batteries are supplied dry and partially charged (it is best to order the required quantity of battery acid, Order no.: 10038001, at the same time). For the acid quantity required to fill your battery, please refer to the pdf file "Battery dimensions and acid quantities" under "Downloads".

    After installation, the acid level must be checked about once a month and, if necessary, topped up with distilled water. No more acid may be added after initial filling! To prevent acid burns, we recommend using a funnel or acid bottle when filling the battery! Always wear suitable gloves and protective glasses when handling battery acid!

    Good to know:

    If you're having trouble finding the right battery for your vehicle, please use our product listing in the "Bike Database" (top navigation bar)! As a general rule, the motorcycle manufacturer specifies the right type of battery for your motorcycle. If you're unsure, simply take a look in your motorcycle owner's manual or check the label on your old battery.

    Before initial filling and installation, it is essential to check that battery fits in your vehicle (dimensions), that the terminals and vent are in the correct position, and the voltage (V) and capacity (Ah) are correct. Please carefully read the package insert and the safety instructions it contains!

    For further information, please check our Documents section.