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Delo starter batteries are made exclusively for Louis at one of the most cutting-edge battery manufacturers in the world. In order to guarantee the high quality standards of Delo starter batteries, only the highest quality materials are used in their production. Furthermore, each batch is then also thoroughly tried and tested in our Louis test laboratory before going to market. Delo has proven a million times over that it stands for motorcycle battery excellence in OEM quality. Key features of these batteries are their reliability, their cold start performance and their outstanding service life. Not for nothing have Delo starter batteries proven themselves in a multitude of tests ...

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  • DELO Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Welcome to the premium motorcycle batteries from DELO! DELO lithium-ion batteries are stronger and also significantly lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries. They feature a special, robust nylon housing and have brass terminals to guarantee optimal conductivity.
    These powerhouses are designed so that up to 100% of their capacity can be utilised.

    Further details:

    • The state of charge is controlled via a processor (balancer) and ensures the highest level of safety among current lithium-ion batteries
    • Up to 60% lighter than conventional lead batteries
    • Compact dimensions - in conjunction with the accompanying adhesive pads, these batteries are extremely versatile
    • Up to six times longer life than a conventional lead-acid battery
    • No memory effect
    • Can also be installed upside down as there is no acid to leak out
    • Fast charging with a high charging current is possible
    • Very low self-discharge (5% per month at most)

    Good to know:

    The design of lead-acid batteries means that they are only able to use 30% of their capacity, whereas lithium-ion batteries utilise virtually 100%.

    For this reason, the lithium batteries from DELO only require 1/3 of the capacity (lower ampere hours) to produce the same cranking power as a comparable lead-acid battery.

    All the batteries are equipped with a charge level indicator.

    Important! Never use a charger which attempts to desulphate deep-discharged batteries under 10 V by applying a voltage in excess of 14.6 V before it begins with actual charging.

    The maximum charging voltage of 14.6 V must never be exceeded.

    We therefore recommend using the chargers illustrated below ("Compatible products").

    For further information, please check our Documents section.

  • MOTORRAD UND REISEN Issue 91-2019

    "Motorrad & Reisen" magazine tested the Delo Li-ion batteries in its 91 issue and rated them VERY GOOD. The following features were given special mention:

    - Small
    - Lightweight
    - Can be installed in any position
    - Very little self-discharge
    - Foam pads are included
    - Includes charge state indicator
    - Starts the bike, even after a week in the cold