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Daytona Trans Open GTX Boots

Review: 4.72 out of 5

Daytona Stiefel

Manufacturer details: Daytona Stiefel

Product information

Made in Germany. By Hand.

Daytona motorbike boots are among the best in the world. The best means:
- selected, first-class raw materials
- hand-made, exclusively in Germany, with ultra-modern technical support highly refined safety features
- exceptional comfort on and off the bike
- durability and strength even in extreme conditions
- easy-care and immensely long-life products


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  • Product information




    By purchasing this item you have chosen a premium-quality product with superior German workmanship. This internationally acknowledged mark of quality means that this product is the result of efficiently coordinated development and production processes, technological expertise, continuous quality controls.

    Product information



    Sold under various brand names (Gore-Tex, Reissa, Tepor, Sympatex, Hipora, Porell, Helsapor, Enprotex, Nibo, Humax, Drygate etc.). Gore-Tex and Sympatex have patent protection. One thing all these membranes have in common is their basic function: exploiting a temperature gradient, perspiration is transported from the inside to the outside, yet wind and rain cannot get in. This effect makes both fabric and leather clothing highly weatherproof, and also very comfortable to wear. The membranes are manufactured from different base materials, depending on the brand, and are made either as a loose "liner", as a laminate (bonded to the outer material), or as a coating on a carrier material. The first product of this kind, the "Gore-Tex" membrane made of Teflon, fulfils its function due to its very fine pores, which allow moisture from the skin to move outwards, but prevent the larger raindrops from moving inwards. Gore-Tex is indeed highly effective, but the patented material comes at a price. All the other membranes consist of polyurethane or polyester, and transport water vapour molecules outwards by means of chemical reactions. Different materials have been adapted to the various applications in the field of motorcycle clothing. All of these climate membranes are sensitive to mechanical damage: if a membrane is pierced, clearly it can no longer provide protection. Damage can also result from the use of inappropriate washing agents. Softeners, including those contained in detergents, damage the membrane irreparably!

    Product information



    Most traditional, high-quality outer material with cult status for motorcycle clothing and accessories. Unmistakable in its natural, high-quality look, the strong image, ideally suited to both figure-hugging and highly functional designs. The biker's "second skin" still has the edge over any textile material when it comes to safety and resistance to abrasion and tearing. The way the material stretches as the clothing is worn means that leather clothing adapts to the body contours ideally, thus also guaranteeing that protectors fit optimally. Leather clothing should therefore always be bought with a close fit. Impregnation, leather oil and surface coatings guarantee good weather protection and a degree of rainproofing, but unfortunately also limit the breathability. Relatively heavy, but enthusiasts value this as a "quality feature". Looked after properly, it is very durable. Because leather does not itself offer much thermal insulation, the other features of the garment, or the base layers of clothing, must provide some help here.

    Daytona Trans Open GTX Boots

    For all bikers who will only consider wearing super-sturdy enduro or touring boots made of really thick leather, Daytona has the perfect answer. The Daytona *Trans Open GTX*, made of 2.8 mm thick, greased special chrome full-grain cowhide. It's incredibly comfortable while, at the same time, offering maximum protection. So it's no surprise that these boots are also equipped with a GORE-TEX climate membrane. But what is astonishing is their light weight - a real bonus!


    • 2.8 mm thick, greased special chrome full-grain cowhide
    • Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX climate membrane
    • Textile lining 80% polyamide, 20% polyester
    • Sturdy special enduro sole with steel cap


    • Strong ankle protection and large shin guard, made of impact-resistant plastic, lined on the inside with open-cell special foam
    • Plastic-reinforced inner sole with hot-galvanised steel shank


    • Two side zippers for easy step-in, fully covered with leather
    • Hook-and-loop adjustment for different calf sizes
    • Anatomically shaped ventilated insole (forefoot thickness 2 mm)
    • Splashproof leather shaft edge
    • Shaft height approx. 32 cm (size 44)

    Good to know:
    Availability of extra-small and extra-large sizes
    The most popular boot sizes from Daytona are 37 to 47. Louis usually has these in stock and can dispatch them quickly when you place your order. Extra-small (34 to 36) and extra-large (48 to 51) sizes, on the other hand, are only produced in relatively small quantities by Daytona, due to lower demand, and in some cases only to order. For this reason, if you order one of these sizes, delivery may take a little longer. We trust you will understand, and we promise to deliver your order as quickly as possible.

  • Daytona Trans Open GTX Boots

    Daytona Trans Open GTX Boots

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    Product details
    upper material hydrophobic special full cowhide
    Climate membrane GORE-TEX
    Lining Textile lining (80% polyamide, 20% polyester)
    Fastening Two side zippers
    Width adjustment Calf width adjustable with velcro fastener
    Sole Sturdy special enduro sole made of rubber
    Shaft height approx. 32 cm
    Country of manufacture Germany
    Certification -
    Overview of product features
    Waterproof checkmark
    Breathable checkmark
    Padded ankle caps checkmark
    Ankle protection with mobility joint
    Shin element checkmark
    Replaceable steel toe cap checkmark
    Gearshift reinforcement checkmark
    Replaceable plastic toe sliders
    Replaceable metal toe sliders
    Reflective insert
    Inner steel cap
    Removable safety inner boot
    Internal lace-up system
    Integrated raised insole
    Original "Goodyear" welting

    "Motorrad Abenteuer" magazine tested seven soft enduro boots in its 4-2018 issue. The Daytona Trans Open GTX, along with one other boot, was awarded a MOTORRAD ABENTUER RECOMMENDATION and scored maximum points in all categories. The following features were given special mention:

    - Waterproof test successful
    - Very well engineered
    - Very good value for money
    - Comfortable all-round boot
    - Comfortable footbed
    - Sturdy protection features
    - Supple feel

    MOTORRADFAHRER Issue 6-2018

    "Motorradfahrer" magazine tested various soft Enduro boots in its 6-2018 issue. The Daytona Trans Open GTX was awarded the MOTORRADFAHRER RECOMMENDATION and scored maximum point in all categories. The following features were given special mention:

    - Excellent workmanship
    - Comfortable all-rounder
    - Comfortable footbed
    - Sturdy
    - Excellent protection
    - Well-featured
    - Waterproof test successful
    - Very good value for money

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