C-Bow Saddlebag Holder
Hepco & Becker

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Hepco & Becker

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Motorcycle luggage and Hepco & Becker - almost perfectly synonymous. For decades, globetrotters and touring bikers have sworn by the German-produced durable products. They always rank as one of the best in comparative tests performed by the trade press when it comes to precision, weather resistance and functionality. Hepco products have long been a firm favourite in the Detlev Louis range. Due to a growing demand for racks for classic bikes, retro bikes and less popular vehicles, we have further expanded our product range and now present the entire Hepco & Becker luggage rack range for you to choose from.

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  • C-Bow Saddlebag Holder
    Hepco & Becker

    Hepco & Becker C-Bow Saddlebag Holder for C-Bow saddlebags:

    Thanks to this innovative rack system for saddlebags, the days of bulky saddlebag holders spoiling the look of your motorbike are gone at last! The model-specific, high-quality chrome C-Bow saddlebag holders are simply mounted on existing attachment points on your bike. With their discreet, no-frills design, you can leave them permanently on your bike, even if you won't be needing any bags on your next trip.

    A range of special saddlebags, with a stiffened back panel that will keep its shape, can be fitted to these saddlebag holders conveniently and securely. With the integral locking mechanism, they simply click into place.