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Ballistol Universal Oil
240 ml spray can

Review: 5 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Ballistol

Product information

The classic among the oils

The universal oil Ballistol has been manufactured in Germany since 1904. Often described as "miracle oil", Ballistol has shown itself to be extremely versatile and useful for bikers: Rust protection for engine parts, cleaning agent for paintwork and plastics, protection and care for leather, protection against moisture for electrical contacts. Ballistol has even proven itself to this day as wound protection for skin grazes. Yet Ballistol was originally designed as gun oil. Today a range of other products are also marketed under the name Ballistol. We offer those products which are especially attractive to bikers.

Catalogue page: 755


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  • Product information



    This product was rated "Very Good" by dermatest Medical Research Company!

    Ballistol Universal Oil
    240 ml spray can

    Protecting, freeing seized parts, preventing rust, lubricating, sealing and cleaning - it's amazing how many different uses some products have. The highly versatile Ballistol Universal Oil is certainly one of them. Ballistol is an alkaline oil that is highly effective, universal, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and also acts as a disinfectant.

    It's the legendary multipurpose oil for a thousand jobs. What's good to know for all bikers is that Ballistol can be used on virtually every part of your motorbike.


    • Cleaning paintwork and wheels
    • Sealing ignition locks, fuse boxes and battery terminals.
    • Rusted relays are brought back to life, and your cockpit will gleam again.
    • Put a couple of drops in the combustion chambers and exhaust to keep rust away over the winter. Then your engine will start first time when you take your motorbike out of the garage next summer.
    • All oil-resistant plastics and rubbers can also be treated with Ballistol.
    • Ballistol is also ideal for treating leather gear (except for suede).

    240 ml spray can

    Please note: This product was rated "Very Good" by dermatest Medical Research Company!

    Extremely flammable aerosol.

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