Alpine Motosafe Pro earplugs set

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  • Alpine Motosafe Pro earplugs set

    You're at the seaside; a strong breeze is blowing. You could sit and watch the crashing waves for hours. And the sound of the wind only adds to the amazing atmosphere.
    But it's quite a different story with wind noise under a motorcycle helmet. It can quickly develop into an deafening hurricane. Thankfully, Motosafe Pro earplugs from Alpine are on hand.

    They are specially designed for bikers, and are comfortable to wear under any helmet. They are equipped with special AlpineAcousticFilters, which do an excellent job of attenuating wind noise on a motorcycle. But, at the same time, you can still hear the traffic, your GPS sat nav and, of course, your bike.
    The set comprises two pairs of special earplugs with extra-soft filters for medium (black filter) and high-level attenuation (red filter). Simply insert them in your ears - and noise is no longer a problem!


    • Prevents hearing damage - traffic, sat nav and motorcycle remain clearly audible
    • No feeling of being cut off from your surroundings
    • Perfect fit under your helmet ensured by the AlpineThermoShapeTM material; suitable for any ear
    • Silicone-free
    • Reusable
    • Exquisite, spacious case
    • Incl. Alpine Clean spray in a handy aerosol
  • MOTORRAD Issue 17-2018

    "Motorrad" magazine tested the Alpine Motosafe Tour/Race earplugs in its 17-2018 issue, and rated them VERY GOOD. The following features were given special mention:

    "While classic foam earplugs effectively protect the rider from noise caused by the motor and air turbulence, they also often block out important signals. These two sets of Alpine earplugs with different levels of damping offer a great middle ground. They reduce the level of noise by 17 dB (Tour) and 20 dB (Race) and are easy to use."