ACEBIKES Transport Set
Louis Special Edition

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Practical and stable

So that your motorbike stands rock-steady: the Dutch firm Acebikes presents its motorbike stands. Whether you want to transport your bike on a trailer or simply save space when storing it in the garage, Acebikes offers the perfect solution. Even on lifts, your bike stands stock-still thanks to Acebikes. And handling it is brilliantly simple, just like the system as a whole.

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    The Louis Special Editions. Co-developed by Louis, customised in response to wishes expressed by you, produced by well-known manufacturers, and available only from us. This is what makes our exclusive products special. Look for the tag "Only from Louis" and the bargain prices.

    ACEBIKES Transport Set
    Louis Special Edition

    This Transport Set from ACEBIKES contains all the key components that you need for transporting your motorcycle safely - only available from Louis!

    The Transport Set comprises:

    ACEBIKES SteadyStand Basic Fix (Order no. 10002863)

    Steadystand motorbike stands offer outstanding quality and precision engineering for maximum stability. Simply push your bike into the stand and it will stand securely in seconds. It makes servicing and repairs, or permanent parking, so much simpler. Your motorcycle will take up less space, whether in the garage or on a transporter or trailer.

    The galvanised Fix stand can be bolted to any level surface on trailers, in transporters or on a hoist. Once your motorcycle is secured in the Steadystand, it needs no support, and can be lashed down quickly and easily. Of course, the motorbike stand can also be permanently installed in a garage or carport.

    • Suitable for motorcycles with 10 to 19-inch wheels and a tyre width from 90 mm to 130 mm.
    • For safe parking and transportation
    • Extremely stable stand.
    • Superbly engineered
    • Dimensions of SteadyStand Fix (W x D x H) approx. 21 x 62 x 38 cm
    • Weight: approx. 5.3 kg

    ACEBIKES TyreFix Basic (Order no. 10010119)

    It???s amazing how ingeniously simple the perfect solution to a problem can actually be! Take the TyreFix Basic from Acebikes, for example. If you've ever had to transport your motorbike, you'll know that it's essential to secure your machine properly to the bed of the transport vehicle or trailer! The wheels must remain stationary to ensure that if you brake sharply, your bike will stay upright and will not start to wander.

    This is exactly the job for which the Acebikes Transport Securing System was designed. TyreFix Basic is placed over the rear tyre and then fixed with suitable lashing straps. The side of the TyreFix Basic that is in contact with the tyre is made of an especially grippy material to prevent the tyre from slipping. Your bike is completely secure.

    Special features:

    • Quick and easy to attach
    • Special non-slip material on the inside
    • Set is divided into various securing elements
    • Suitable for every size of motorcycle tyre
    • High-quality, durable materials

    ACEBIKES BrakeFix (Order no. 10002553)

    The Brake Lever Jammer for locking the front brake on all types of motorcycle.

    You simply attach the BrakeFix to the brake lever and handlebar. With the front wheel locked by the brake, your motorbike stands firm and secure. This makes for safer parking, even on sloping ground. The jammer also helps to prevent costly mishaps when transporting your motorbike or raising it on a hoist. Suitable for transportation for short periods (e.g. ferry crossings).

    Please note: Lashing straps are not included in the set. Please order separately.