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Absorbin-V Oil And Chemical Absorbent


Manufacturer details: ThoMar

Product information

ThoMar OHG are experts in the production of desiccants for domestic and industrial use. ThoMar supplies tailor-made, high-quality and innovative dehumidifying solutions for many different applications.

More than 16 years of experience in the field of desiccants enables ThoMar to offer you an extensive range of highly effective and reliable products, made in Germany.


Order no. 10004839


This is a product from another manufacturer made exclusively for Louis.

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Important information on returning used oil

  • Absorbin-V Oil And Chemical Absorbent

    Absorbin-V oil and chemical absorbent:

    1. Sprinke on
    2. Allow to stand
    3. Remove

    The benefits for you:

    • Absorbin-V can be used for:

    oil, petrol, diesel fuel, engine oil, battery acid, radiator coolant and chemicals.

    • Environmentally friendly:

    It absorbs liquids immediately to prevent them from penetrating into the soil and groundwater. And it is completely safe for people and animals.

    • Reliable:

    Absorbin-V is extremely slip-proof for walking on, low-dust, easy to apply by sprinkling, does not stick or smear. The original, non-combustible absorbent used by the police and fire brigade.

    • Quick-acting and reliable:

    Absorbin-V acts immediately to bind all liquids securely inside the granules. Even liquids that have penetrated a concrete floor are absorbed.

    • Officially tested and approved:

    Absorbin-V meets the strict test criteria of Gemany's Materials Testing Institute MPA NRW. It is approved as a Type III R oil absorbent and conforms to the specifications for chemical absorbents issued by the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) in March 2001. The versatility of Absorbin-V means it is the only absorbent you will need.

    • Multifunctional product:

    It can also be used for eliminating odours, growing plants and providing grip on slippery surfaces.

    • Inexpensive:

    Absorbin-V cuts the cost of safe disposal. High absorbency means only a small quantity is required, so there is less to dispose of.
    How it works:

    Oil spills happen all too easily when changing the engine oil in your car or motorbike, or if you have an oil-fired boiler, and cleaning up can be costly and time-consuming. Absorbin-V is the ideal product for removing engine oil, heating oil, lubricants, petrol, diesel fuel and chemicals such as battery acid. Absorbin-V absorbs liquids instantly and binds them in its granules for quick, convenient disposal. The high level of absorbency means you only need a small quantity, so there is less to dispose of.

    The soil and groundwater are protected. Environmental pollution is avoided.

    Contents: 1kg

    Instructions for use in the removal of oil and chemical spills:

    1 kg of Absorbin-V absorbs approx. 0.9 litres of oil and up to 1.5 litres of chemicals (e.g. acid).

    Simply sprinkle on, allow to stand, then sweep up and dispose of. The time required for complete absorption depends on the type of liquid. If any liquid remains, repeat the process. Avoid direct skin contact with the spilled liquids.

    Advice on disposal:

    The method of disposal depends on the type of substance being removed. Granules used to absorb harmful substances must not be disposed of with household waste. Please observe the regulations of your local waste disposal service.

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